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Thoughts about Vulcan being destroyed in the new movie?

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 I hate to repeat what has already been said but why are fans so pissed? I've been a trek fan for over 40 years, saw every movie watched every series dozens of times and was pleased with the time-line twist, it gives writers the freedom to take us boldly to places we've never been. I loved the new movie with all my heart and look forward to being suprized by wherever the new crew of the Enterprise takes me. I also love the new cast, JJ couldn't have done a better job.


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It was entertainment, for what its worth.

Other than that, because it was a new spin on the old story.  It wasn't a parallel universe as much as it was a divergence  of the timeline.

Its the same situation with the Enterprise series.  It breaks ground for new stories.

Unfortunately, because of the clingers on of the original Canon.  This new interpetation lost a lot of interest on potential views for a new series based on the new movie adaptation.  Which is why there hasn't been any new news on doing a series.

They should of waited another 40 years (so the old school could die off) and it would of been more appealing for younger generations.

In my opinion, it was wrong to destroy Vulcan.  Because Vulcans & Vulcan played into so much of the Star Trek culture of the UFP.  That killing off the Vulcans as much as cursed any potential to build a series off of the movie.

Even with the changes intended with the divergence.  Destroying Vulcan was a very bad choice.  They could of destroyed a different world and still kept with some of the plot with a bit of rewriting.  But it seemed the anarchists who did the screen play played the wrong cards.  By killing off the franchise prematurely.

Its really too bad.


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I just hope they take more daring twist and turns and play with what we know in new creative ways to optain some interesting results.

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