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If you were stuck on the bridge with one TNG character...

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Created by: DocFanFive


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You would not want to be stuck with her?

(Your avatar says otherwise...)


Eather her or Captain Picard but I would rather be stuck with Troi insted



yes, but this is about who you would NOT want to be stuck with!



Oh sorry I did not read the question right LOL I think I rather would NOT! be stuck with Wesley Crusher cus he is young and I think he would not know what to do in problem issues or a sutch..


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The answer seems obvious, Brocolli(Barclay)


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Quote: hollypaulyoxenfree @ Mar. 12 2011, 3:19 pm


>The answer seems obvious, Brocolli(Barclay)


Agreed. Barclay doesn't handle pressure well & gets things confused at the most inconvenient times!

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The question of this thread is very confusing?! but id say i WOULDNT want to be stuck on the bridge with Troi!! sorry troi fans!!!


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It would be Yar for me, she wasn't all that interesting and I'd need someone that can carry on a decent convo.

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