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How Sharper than a Serpent's Tooth


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Tracking a mysterious probe that is acting suspiciously within Federation space the 1701 encounters an alien vessel which transforms itself in to an ancient Mayan-Aztec diety.Upset at being forgotten by Humans the diety gives Kirk and crew a task they must complete sucessfully or face death


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My first thought is - is this a Preserver?


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My first though was - another title quoting Shakespeare. It made TAS very similar to TOS which I missed.

Matthias Russell

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Why couldn’t Chakotay have had a cool name like “Walking Bear”?

The riddle isn’t very complicated.  I immediately thought, “Why don’t they point the snakes at the temple?


This episode was merely the TOS Apollo episode but with a different god and outcome.  I would have considered this one cool if that episode wasn’t so much better.

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