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Dr.McCoy is arrested for mass slaughter and imprisoned for his part in creating a plague which almost wiped out the population of a planet 19 years eariler.Attempting to prove their comrads innocence Kirk and Spock track down a survivor who infects the entire ship


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I'm very surprised that even with proof, they allowed Dr. McCoy to be exonerated.

Matthias Russell

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So this alien slips aboard the Enterprise by flying into the hangar and thinks he won’t be detected?  I wonder if I could land a Cessna aboard an aircraft carrier and no one will know?  This guy is pretty stupid.

Another major flaw, if these people hold McCoy responsible for the plague and millions of death, why did it take them 19 years to mention their desire to extradite him?

The Spock-McCoy banter at the end is funny.


Okay episode.  Not great, but good.

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