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The Pirates of Orion


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Infected by a disease fatal to Vulcan's Spock has three days to live.The only cure is 4 days away.Although Starfleet sets up a pony express of Starships to  get the medicine to Spock in time,Orion Pirates attack the couriers


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This was one of the weakest episodes of the series. 

Just too many improbable scenarios. 

The biggest is this. If the entire crew was ravaged by a disease that was fatal to copper based blood types - why in the holy happenstance did Doctor Mccoy not procure medicine for Spock in advance? Or why was Spock not quarantined until the disease ran its course? 

So many inconsistencies ruined a interesting premise and the debut of a Federation freighter. 

"Can you detect midi - chlorians with a tricorder?"


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Yea - just didn't have the backing of the Orions that I'd expect.  Also, why did they call themselves Or-re-on instead of OrIon?

Matthias Russell

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I like how Spock faints at the notion of playing diplomat.

This is another one of the few TOS episodes where McCoy confesses McCoy is important to him personally.

 The Huron is the ugliest Starfleet ship I’ve seen; they should put it in STO.  Apparently its captain feels evasive maneuvers means turning left.

They pronounce Orion “Or-e-on”.


Great episode, one of the best.  Complex plot, plenty of K-S-M interaction, and it lays the foundation of many Orion characteristics that would be used later in the franchise.  I especially like how this episode pronounces Orion differently; they should have stuck with this pronounciation.

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