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The Eye of the Beholder


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Following up on the dissappearence of a scientific team near Lactra VII the 1701 encounters a species of 20 foot slugs with inteligence that outstrips that of a humans and even Vulcans. When the crew is captured by the creatures they are left with a humbling message to bring back to Earth.


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Seems like there is an old TOS book where Kirk & crew are test subjects to some "higher" life form.  Kinda reminded me of that.

Matthias Russell

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I think this is the first episode where you get the classic TOS Kirk-Spock-McCoy landing party.  Great Spock-McCoy arguments too.

How was McCoy not crushed AND suffocated when the giant animal landed on his head and chest?

Spock says this planet’s ecosystems were manufactured, not created.  Isn’t this the same thing?

If the aliens wanted to make a natural habitat for the people, shouldn’t Spock have been given a different cage?

In the end, Kirk says to beam aboard 2 parties, all human.  So did they leave Spock behind?  And they only beam up 3 from the science team of 6 without ever saying what happened to the other 3.


I think this is probably the best I’ve watched so far.  The interaction of the triad is key to TOS and this is the only one to replicate that relationship.  It is also a classic TOS exploration episode of presenting a very different types of alien life. 

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