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The Time Trap


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In an area of space where many starships have dissapeared. The 1701 is attacked by Klingon Vessels and slips with one of the aggressors through a space time warp in to a dimension where weapons are neutralized and both ships are placed on Trial


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I seem to remember reading a similar TOS book years ago - where the Enterprise was trapped in another universe with a lot of lost ships.

This was interesting in that they seemed to have their own UFP.


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I was bummed that Kor was not voiced by John Calicos

Matthias Russell

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The Delta Triangle!?!  HAHAHA.  Wouldn’t a delta pyramid be more appropriate?

Takei clearly voices the Klingon commander.  His voice doesn’t quite work for me.  Not impressed with Kor in this one.

The USS Bonaventure is encountered.  Supposedly the first ship with warp drive and looks a lot like a Connie.  Guess FC was wrong!

Interesting alien counsel has Vulcans, Orions, Tellarites, Andorians, Gorn, and that plant people from Infinite Vulcan.  Pretty cool.

They bring us in as the Orion chick finishes her dance.  I guess an Orion woman dance would be a little too erotic for a cartoon.


I started out skeptical but I think this is the best episode of the series I’ve seen so far.

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