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The Terratin Incident


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Exploring a dead super nova the 1701 discovers a garbled message containing one comprehensible word "Terratin".Shortly there after this strange flash of light paralyzes the entire crew and everyone begins to shrink.Although Kirk finds a way to restore himself to full size he returns to find the 1701 empty


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So, when there Terratins were delivered to their new world, how can people of that size survive?


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I'm not sure I understand what happens in the end when Kirk fires the phasers at the Terratin city.  What was he shooting at?

Matthias Russell

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Interesting, this episode shows the ship having a lab with animals aboard for studying changes animals may have to space phenomenon and to serve as canaries.

How good is Spock?  He can calculate the limits of his shrinkage.


Not an outstanding episode but interesting nonetheless.  It is another one that had to be done via animation,  This shrinking idea was probably neat back in the early 70s but of course has been done plenty by now so isn’t as “WOW”.


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I find the episode neatly wedged in the middle of TAS episodes. Not memorable by being the best or most criticized. It has the fun shrinking aspects to it, but in the end it leaves that bad taste in my mouth the Binars left back in Season 1 of TNG, where the only way of ask for help was to kidnap their saviors. Although here it was more justified I.

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Matthias Russell

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Excellent points. What I liked is how their shrinkage was continuous and they postulated it would continue until their atoms were touching and how the crew worked hard to find tools so they could keep running the ship. Poor story execution but interesting sci fi presentation.

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