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Mudd's Passion


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Ordered to find and retrieve Harry Mudd a Federation outlaw,The 1701 crew find him selling love potions to miners on the planet Motherlode.When the potions turn out to be fake the miners attack Mudd as does Nurse Chapel with surprising consequences.


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Mudd.... The original Ferengi (just less ethical!) 

Matthias Russell

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Mudd helps Chapel score Spock, I love it!!!  But hasn’t she seen Kirk and Spock coerced into love enough?

I love it when Spock calls Christine “my love” and Arex whistles.

Scotty’s gonna get him some . . . Caitian.


A very fun episode, as you would expect with Mudd.  Still, not too original or outstanding but enjoyable to watch Spock go gaga.

Six of Nine

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Really Good Episode!

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