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Once Upon a Planet


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Returning to the amusement planet the crew are put in danger when their fantasys take on a violent edge.Although everyone is recalled to the ship.Uhura is captured and trapped on the surface.While Kirk and Spock try to trick their way to her Uhura attempts to outwit the planets master computer


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I liked this one.  Seems to me, V'Ger thought that the Enterprise was infested with humans - similar to the planet's computer thinking the humans were slaves to the Enterprise.

Matthias Russell

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This episode shows the shuttle bay and it has 4 shuttles inside, some of which are different than the one from TOS.  The crew is also seen using seat belts.

Shore Leave was silly enough.  This one was much sillier.  I’d say the only good part about this episode is the prominence of Arex and M’Ress in it.  The computer was interesting but seemed out of place with the pleasure planet setting.

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