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The Infinite Vulcan


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Visiting a recently discovered planet,Sulu is poisoned by one of the planets plant like beings.Investigating,the crew find that the poison was brought to the planet by a scientist whose clone has now taken his place.when the cloned scientist cripples Spock while to try to clone him, Kirk resorts to philosophy


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Kinda reminded me of "Spock's Brain" at the beginning.


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Interesting that Walter Koenig wrote the episode, but Checkov wasn't in the show...

Six of Nine

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I really love this episode, Walter wrote good.

As a wise man once wrote, : "Nature decays, but latinum lasts forever".

Matthias Russell

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I felt the same way that it was A LOT like Spock's Brain. I also found it interesting that Koenig wrote it but doesn't appear in the series.  I didn't find it one of the better written episdoes I've seen so far.


The older generation that is old and grown into the walls is cool.

I’m not sold that Kirk would retreat when Spock is abducted rather than stand and fight. I don’t know how  an army of 3 story tall Spocks will bring peace.  Though the story is silly, I like it with the plant aliens and fighting them with herbicide. 

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