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Star Trek TAS Do you own it on dvd ?

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Created by: Trekwolf164


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I have it and love it as the 4th and 5th season to TOS.


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It's nice to finally see a TAS message board.


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Yes it is. I always wondered why there wasn't before. I'm glad it's here now.

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Yes, I bought it a month before they posted them all.  Thanks a lot!  Oh well, hopefully it will help get my sons into Trek.


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Yep, proud to own TAS


I got it for Christmas the year it was first released. TAS is part of my Trek viewing between TOS and TNG.


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Quote: LieutenantCommanderData625 @ Feb. 24 2011, 9:52 am


>where can i find videos/or buy it, i looked on walmart and they donts gots it


I just picked up a set from Amazon not that long ago.


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I don't have it, I'm watching it on Star here.

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I bought the box set the week it came out, I thought it enjoyable to watch, a little cheesy, but fun.


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Yes.  I love TAS!


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I lied. What I have are some very old video tapes. I just can't bear to replace them.


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Like... who doesn't have TAS these days, cuzzi?


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Nope, but planning to soon.

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Quote: Ghostmojo @ Feb. 25 2011, 1:50 pm


>I've just ordered the DVD set and await posty doing the honours any day now ...


Apparently 'out of stock' !!!

Mind you, that must be a good thing I suppose ...

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Hey all,

Yes, I own it. In fact, I preordered it as soon as it became available over here in the UK and I'm so glad I did.

Take care,



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Not only do I own it, I own ALL the Star Trek series', seasons & movies. It's like a Trek-marathon everyday @ my place! Regarding TAS: Wish there were more episodes w/ the 'Glommers'. 

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