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Kirk. McCoy, or SPOCK

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Created by: captain saavik


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Saavy, honey ... I don't think there's ANY confusion
over who is your One, True Love, when it comes to
STAR TREK! Yes, there IS a certain mystery, when it
comes to Spock, that's true. But some things that we
got to find out, should have REMAINED a mystery, you
know what I mean? Like being betrothed as a 7 year old,
like his family's in the Taliban! Some shows I wish I
could just have a crack at and, with the aid of CGI and
some judicious rewriting, could turn into an even better
episode! And - dare I say it? - make it a classic, again!


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Report this Aug. 11 2011, 4:49 pm

McCoy all the way.

"Are you out of your Vulcan mind!"

captain saavik

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Why yes yes I am because I'm crazy about my Vulcan's mind!

CAPT. Fal Patricia

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McCoy, all the way.  He's wonderfully intelligent, but wouldn't make me feel dumb like Spock.  He's beautiful and can be very sweet, but I like a sparing partner, trading insults and witticisms is one of my favorite past times.

Also, he's pretty strong and a lot taller than me, so there's that.

Patricia out.


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The beautiful girls of THE POOL BOYS, all seem to love Sulu and Phlox.  John Billingsley and George Takei are both incredibly funny in this hilarious and sexy new comedy from the makers of AMERICAN PIE  Do not miss this wild film!


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WOW, the women in THE POOL BOYS were unbelievable!  Haven't seen that much talent around a pool since my dream where I was at the Playboy Grotto.  What a hilarious film The Pool Boys was.  Incredible.  

Billingsley and Takei were terrific!  This needs to be seen by as many people as possible.


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First I was like: "omg, Kirk is such a handsome and talented leader, gotta love him!", then I realised: "Wow, Spock is the most complex and fascinating character ever, I love him!" and finally I thought: "I couldn't spend a day with Spock, he's so unpleasant sometimes.. But hey, McCoy is.. Aaaa, McCoy!"
I managed to convince my boyfriend, that our son HAS to be named Leonard!  


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Spock is my favorite, but beard is not his look. adds at least 20 years to his face.


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As a warrior brother, Mirror Spock.


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In terms of a hazardous situation, I'd narrow it down to Kirk and Spock, but as Spock didn't make the best of the Galileo 7 situation, Kirk would get the final vote.

"There are always alternatives" Spock

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