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What toy company would you like to see releasing toys for the new Star Trek movie in 2012?


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My vote is for DST , I agree Playmates will more than likly be producing the next line up.

vulcan lady

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Quote: The1701 @ Mar. 20 2011, 3:00 pm


>Also, people say that Trek is to the US that Doctor Who is to the UK - I hate Doctor Who and I'm from the UK so Star Trek should really target a global market not just the US. 


I really liked your remarks about the how the toys should be manufactured.  You put even more clearer into words that I was trying to say, if you look at my past posts (appeal to the kids, like Star Wars, and the adults, etc.).

More power to you guys from the UK!  I think you've got a ton of Star Trek fans over there, so you should know what you're talking about, and I met quite a few fans from England when I went to Las Vegas Convention who had met Patrick Stewart at UK Con.  Since I watch BBCA (TNG reruns), I can agree with you about Dr. Who.  I cannot get into it at all and gave up.  I thought since it was a long-standing British show, and since alot of Brits like Star Trek, that I could relate to Dr. Who, but forget it. the way, my brother lived in England for three years and did not want to come back to US. 

I think everybody on here should pay attention to you.  They have manufactured some Star Trek toys in England in the past that I have never seen here........


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