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its annoyinggggg >.>

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Well. The actors do want to get paid. If there are some "not so good videos" out there it may ruin their chance at getting a job...

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One argument was that some people try to sell the videos afterward, making themselves money, but paying the actors nothing for the use of their time and talents. Not fair there either. There are reasons for those decisions. Still, I'm grateful I've been able to watch some shows, at least... otherwise, I never would have seen the person behind the character quite so clearly. Still don't know Brent Spiner to any degree, but provided he's being honest in those shows, and I think he is, then we have a decent idea of the kind of man he is... and it's no disappointment.

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Agreed, no disappointment at all


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unless you've never been to a convention, in which case videos are just not good enough.

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