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General Star Trek New Novel Thread


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Well her husband dies in "the Genesis Wave" and seeing as the general fan accepted future has her and Geordi together, it was just a matter of time.

The point of the "other chick" is to give Geordi some screen time, and to establish that the guy can finally get some tail. 

"Can you detect midi - chlorians with a tricorder?"


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Lieutenant _Jedi's review of 

"Department of Temporal Investigations: Watching the Clock"

4 out of 5 lightsabers

(this is the limited spoiler review - will go into more detail once some people have read the novel)


This novel focuses on the Federation Department of Temporal Investigation and it's agents tireless efforts to protect the timeline, safeguard temporal technology, and repair damage inadvertently done to the timeline by others. 

It also conducts research, counsels temporal refugees, and investigates temporal crime. 

Christopher Bennett does an excellent job of weaving a very complex story into an entertaining whole. He uses a great deal of real science, helps establish the back story of two DTI agents (lucsly and dulmer) and ties in some great TNG characters while referencing the Temporal Cold War and a host of TNG alien races. 

The story is a little thick on the techno - babble, but brings to a satifactory conclusion several of the time travel plot lines while opening up the franchise for more entertaining stories dealing with the DTI.



Matthias Russell

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I just have no enthusiasm to read it.  Time travel always aggrevates me unless it involves a Delorean or a blue box so I figured I wouldn't enjoy it.


Does it look like DTI will become a series?  Bennett uses the trekbbs board daily.  If you wish to speak with him on it, I recommend the site.  He is a great guy to converse with.


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I finally found Indistinguishable magic and the about the book about the Temporal agents by Christopher Bennett. i had a difficult time finding these books .StarTrek books are getting harder to find in the book stores like Barnes& Noble.But I'm glad to finally get a chance to read tham at long last.

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