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Star Trek the Animated Series, Good, or Not???

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Created by: Trekkie 12

Trekkie 12

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I didn't like it at all...worst of all the series/movies ***LAME***


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Yet too see it, would like to see what others think of it, especially in comparison to TOS, which in it’s own right could be pretty ridiculous sometimes. But is the animated series a good or bad ridiculous? I want to know!

Jolan Tru, may your day be filled with peace.


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Though I've only seen one episode (More Tribbles, More Troubles or something like that), I didn't really like the old animation. It's the one series that I actually don't care about watching. I want to watch Enterprise more than the Animated Series.

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TAS is good for what it is.  The stories were generally great, many of them done by TOS writers.  The designs were cool too.  Animation allowed them to do stories that they just couldn't with TOS's budget and sfx limitations, like "The Ambergis Element" that took place on a water world where Kirk and Spock become water-breathers.  The animation, though, especially by today's standards, is not so great.  They had to use a lot of stock footage.   

If the animation isn't too your liking, you can always read Alan Dean Foster's novelizations of the episodes in Del Rey's "Star Trek Log" series. 

Matthias Russell

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I bought it and have yet to watch it.  Will after I finish TOS.  My question is- should it be considered TAS or TOS seaon 4. 


There is a comic series based on TAS titled "Year 4" .  Too bad it didn't get a second season; then we would have the entire 5 year mission.


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To my option pritty good.


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I can remember getting up early every Saturday morning just to watch TAS.

I was the highlite of my day, next to Josie and the Pussycats.


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The actual stories were pretty good, but the animation was really bad, by today's standards.

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The presentation does suck, but the actual
style of the thing, the way it was drawn
was very charming. If they ever want to
revisit animation, I hope they keep the
look of the characters the same. I mean,
Nurse Chapel was never so CUTE, was she?


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It was ok. The style of animation, while quit lame by todays standards, was par for the course in the world of Saturday morning cartoons in it's time. Many good stories and scripts wre presented. The voice overs, though provided by the original cast, were lack-luster. They sounded more like mere readings, rather performances, throughout the series.


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I didn't like the recycled footage and same animations over and over, which was Filmation's style due to low budget I guess. But the stories are definitely Trek-worthy and the fact that most of the oringinal cast lent thier voice talents is the icing on the cake. The best thing about animated Trek was that they could do in an animated format what was not possible on a live action budget.

Some of Trek's screenplay authors also wrote episodes, Diane Daune being one of the most notable ones I can recall.

I just wish it was around for longer than it was.

I'm gonna catch a lot of flak for this, but I seriously think that Trek should take a nod from Star Wars and make an animated series. But less 3-d in your face. Anime style would be awesome, I've seen some really kick ass fan art.


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I like TAS.  It's got some good stories.  Some of them are cheesy, but no more so than any given TOS episode.  The animation is a little dated, but I think that's part of the charm.  


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I'll have to tell you in a month or so - I just bought the set but haven't opened it yet - hope to start it this weekend.


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TAS biggest problem was the half-hour time slot.  That's not long enough for a science-fiction show, where you have to depict some new culture as well as get into a situation and resolve it.   On the good side, some of the story ideas were excellent, and the animated format let them explore non-humanoid aliens.  But often the half-hour format didn't let them fully develop the ideas.

The animation wasn't that great even by 1970s standards.



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The first disk is worth the price of the set IMHO.The animation is simple lots of reused backgrounds and siloettes.

But some of the storys are great.

The one with the 50 ft Spock is this series Spock's Brain.

But it does have humor.

James Doohan did a great job with the many voices he provided.

I used to enjoy the shows on Sat mornings it was a nice Trek fix new stories.

I would give it a 4 out of 5 stars just for the storys.

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