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Kirk vs Data

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Created by: konarciq

Tal Adair

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I know enough to get myself into trouble. Picked up some HTML programming on my own and learned to work the Adobe GoLive! program, which has since been superceeded by new updates. Writing web code is tedious. For me, a program is needed to assist in writing the code, then I can edit bits as needed. Still, I lack enough programming knowledge to go all out. I am aware of a couple of forum services out there. Trouble is, many cost annual service fees to maintain.

I'll look around. Wil Wheaton has the best connections with the best kinds of blogging sites... I ramble his threads. Tumblr may be just what we need. We'll have to see. As Data would say... further research is required.

Admittedly, I am a barbarian. As such, I do not belong here. -- "It was far easier for you as civilized men to behave like barbarians than it was for them as barbarians to behave like civilized men." ~ Spock


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i enjoy reading both of yall gals stuff!philosophy, reason and opinion all bundled into one! you guys should open a brent fansite! id like to see that 

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Thanks! that means a lot too me! And so would I LCD, so would I. It needs to be so, I could seriously talk for hours just about Brent Spiner, wouldn’t have to mention Data (though who wouldn’t) and I could still fill a book all about him.


Tal, do you remember us talking on saturday night about how people such as Brent bring temporary insanity, which is why you left the Brent universe and came back, that taking breaks sometimes is necessary? And then I was saying I found him to be opposite, that he helps me see the ways things really are, etc etc. I think had an error because I cannot find either of those posts anywhere and I was sure they were in your Brent Spiner thread bt alas, I found noting of the sort, just what came before talk of his effect on sanity. X_X 


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Not even close!

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Wow, my least favorite TNG character is pretty popular here, but he would lose to anyone not on Voyager whenever I'm voting.


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Have to go with Data, even if it's just for the novelty value. Relationships with personalities like Kirk's never end well for me, and I can't see Kirk staying with anyone but Spock in my mind. *lol*

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