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Trek cursors


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Report this Feb. 13 2011, 9:56 am

I have made a small package of Star Trek themed cursors, that I thought I might share.

It can be found (in .zip format) at "". (I used a random fie sharing website until I can get working properly, but when I do they will be put there).

My trial of the software lasts another 30 days, so I can add/edit anything until then if there's anything you would like (not that I expect anybody to want any of them), but right now the packet consists of:

- TOS style badges for command/science/ops, with both division coloured and transparent centre sections for each

- A TOS-style arrowhead with a question mark in

- The late DS9/Voyager commbadge

- A TMP-style badge, except the division colours behind it are animated (ideal for loading in background)

- Some random animated squiggly lines, like some kind of readout you are likely to see on a science/medical console (you know, those heart rate thingies).

Just thought somebody might be interested . . . I'll try and get some images up soon


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Report this Feb. 13 2011, 10:31 am

An image is in the gallery @, and below:

(Three of them look blank - they have transparent versions of the division insignia inside them, which are hard to see on a white background so "normal" has the command star, "science" the science circle thing, and "ops" the ops spiral).


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Report this Feb. 15 2011, 11:36 am

I've now got copies up on my more reliable personal website @ The original post has been updated accordingly.

(I'm migrating to a new server tomorrow, so the site might be down for a while).

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