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Who is the Better Captain Kirk?

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Created by: picard_2305


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It has to be William Shatner, however Chris Pine now has the chance to put his own stamp on the character only time will tell but he does have his work cut out for him if he wants surpass Shatners achievements.


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Shatner's the better Kirk. He was Kirk first, and he pretty much created the character as the show went on. Shatner's way of speaking, for me, is almost iconic for Kirk.

Chris Pine's Kirk didn't feel like Shatner's Kirk. The character was similar to a particularly nasty teenager. Kirk has a new beginning in Pine, so we'll see if he continues being a brat or if he levels out and gets to be more like Shatner's Kirk.

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Will Shatner, of course. Captain Kirk was not captain Kirk without Will Shatner. He done Kirk that he was.



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Quote: Ziriath @ Mar. 09 2011, 2:48 am


>Shat has a great, but unintended, sense of humour.



You are so wrong there my friend. The Shat's sense of humour is very much intended! You only have to watch the classic ST con skit he did on SNL to realize that.

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i dunno i liked both its hard to chose just 1!!!


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Captain Fine is good, but you can't beat the original Shatner in his glory days.


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Shat is the one and only James Tiberius Kirk. I haven't yet seen the new movie with the new actors, but today at Larson's they had some monopoly games and Star Trek action figures. They had Kirk and Spock, and they didn't even look anything like TOS, so I assume it was from the new movie. I know that with any "doll" they always kinda butcher it up, but Kirk didn't look anything like what I thought! So if that was from the new movie, I am sure I like the new Kirk. I talked to somebody else, and they said the new Kirk looked like a brat, too over confident, (and as the Klingon in the espisode "Trouble with Tribbles" said) a swaggering, overbearing, dictator with delsusions of kinghood.

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William Shatner will always be the real Captain Kirk, so I thought he was better, although I thought Chris Pine was very good.

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