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I finally decided I was going to try Star Trek online. I was going to play the free demo first and then if I liked it well enough I was going to buy it. Well, I setup an account and went to download the installer and nothing happened. That is when I discovered that Star Trek online can only run on PC not Mac. I own a MacBook and would like to play Star Trek online. Does anyone know who I can talk about this or should I not even bother?


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There might be some 'unofficial' workarounds that I hear about here and there. Cryptic never intended it to work on a mac.

Mac: Hi PC hows it going

PC: Oh hi mac

Mac: What are you doing?

PC: playing games

Mac: Oh yeah? Which one?

PC: all of them


I hope this leads you in the right direction


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Did you get your problem sorted out? 


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Frustrated that the Star Trek Online MMO game left out support for Macs? If you have an Intel Mac, you can get around that problem, even though the game has no official support for OS X. Of course, you can install it using Windows in a Boot Camp partition.

But if you don't like leaving the safety of Mac space, you can run it in OS X using the brilliant open source utility Wineskin. It's quite simple to set up, and works amazingly well. You'll need the free Wineskin setup file for Star Trek Online [44MB download], and here's some more information about it from the Cryptic/Atari forum site.

Even if you take this route, I suggest you leave a message on the Star Trek Online board stating your interest in an official Mac OS X version in the future.

Matthias Russell

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This isn't the first game to have compatability issues with Macs.  Most games are formatted to run off microsoft running systems.  To the best of my knowledge, that is just the reality for gamers.  Same as how xbox seems to get the majority of the good console games.

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