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Does Shatner Wear a Piece?


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When you say "haters," you can't mean myself ... surely!
The evidence presents itself. EXHIBIT A: PARADISE SYNDROME.

In it, Kirk gets a headband placed on him, by his girlfriend.
Instead of us seeing it being placed on his head, we see it
already affixed, with her fingers between it and Shat's hair,
simulating having put it on. And why? So as not to dislodge
Shatner's rug, piece, toupee ... his Love System!

Which, by the way, was comprised of two parts: a forehead piece,
(similar to what Brent Spiner wore, as Data) and a second piece
that covered the back of his head. Working in tandem, these two
hair pieces helped secure Shatner's image of youth and verility.


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Quote: /view_profile/ @


>2Takes how could anyone excuse you of being a Shatner hater

>I won't believe in Shatner's toupee until I see a bald Shatner picture and not a manip. You'd think that someone would have found a picture by now, if it were true.


Excuse? Do I see a slight pun there? 



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But anyway, I still have to add my two credits here.

Of course it's his hair. As previously stated, I think we would have seen a bald Shat pic by now. And still, although his hair seemed to have changed a lot, couldn't it just be hair coloring or lights on the set? That seems more logical to me than numerous Shat toupees. XD



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The thought never crossed my mind but im gonna say more likely than not thats hollywood style . I mean everyone wants to look there best with whatever they can do. On another note his hair IS very full


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No. That's his real package. OH! you mean a HAIR piece, yes he does.

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I'd like to see some evidence. You know, just to be sure. But there is something about how is hair got darker, curlier, and thicker as he got older. I mean, that just doesn't sound natural. XD

"Captain, life is not a dream." - Spock "Can you please continue the petty bickering? I find it quite intriguing." - Data


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One of my friends was Shatners Assistant,  whos job was to take care of the toupee.  I almost had him talked into interviewing Shatners toupee for my soundtrack show last year.  sigh

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