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"Ture of Duty"


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The travelling thread.

What are your daily travels and what have you noticed or observed. All the things that you love and despise about it.

Today, I drove 2 hour north west, for business. On my travels, there were annoyingly slow cars (80Kms), that I passed often. I'm so used to the Austrlian double,triple and quad lanes, that it's hard to stay patient, hoping that a passing lane will appear soon. Anyway, had quite a few of those as well as tractors on the road. I travelled from the Manawatu region, through the Rangitikei, Wanganui and now south Taranaki areas. There are some small coatal places with a very small amont of people which makes the travel nice. The sand is a charcoal colour this way, probably because Mt.Taranaki isn't too far.

Ture has decided, that on her travels, that she will stop at and stay at a local pub ion the areas and get to know some locals. I did that in the Waikato, and now I'm a regular and have been invited back for a 'pool tournament' next week.

I'm here for work but it doesn't feel tht way. I almost feel guilty for not having to be where I am meant too. Guess that's what happens when you're in charge, but I'm still and will always be a worker at heart and will always work in wirth people. I love it! So now, I'm posting from the hotel room and it's nice. The bar is downstairs and I will probably go down for a couple. They have a Karaoke tonioght, just as well I'll be at work for a few hours tonight. I'm having a beer too. It's such a hard life, especially travelling on your own, but driving is my thing, I love it!

Please share any travel stories or entries.





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Drank way too much. Oh well, still woke up early.

I had a steak dinner last night, which turned out to be a "mistake."

Who the heck serves cabbage with 'rib-eye?' the plate was too small and the cutlery was from a $2.00 cheapy shop. It cost a fortune. Got the manager out and pointed out the obvious. The Wine was crap too. It's the second place that I have eaten at with poor food and crappy wine.

I went for breakfast this morning and had a sausage that tasted like soap and bacon that was cheap and nasty. I asked the bird, "why I got brown toast," when it should be 'white,' unless requested. The thing was cols anyway. What the heck is wrong with these people. The Kiwi air should be having a better effect on them?

I'm going to go back into the catering business and hopefully knock a well known contractor off it's pedestal and perhaps get some of these people to have passion about their food and how it's presented. The customer needs are important to longevity of any business.

*shakes head*

It's strange, being a catalyst for things that move outside.

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