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Which "Artificial Personality" do you like the most?

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Created by: TheDoctorIsEpic


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From self-aware holograms to androids, which non-organic personaltiy do you like the most?


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I'm a huge Doctor fan myself, with Data and Vic Fontaine coming in at a close second and third.

In space, no one can hear you scream...


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Vic Fontaine


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I think my avatar, username, and signature say what one I voted for...


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you forgot Moriarty (sp?)


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Vic Fontaine obviously the guy sings, does not want to take over the ship, has humor unlike data, is not annoying like the EMH doc, finally vic fontaine SINGS. lol

"take us out"...


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My lovely Data, because I dream all my life about fully functional man.

And I like Hugh of Borg, although he's only partially artificial. I have a weakness for artificial guys.

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A surly holo-doctor, a humorless android, or a lounge singer from the 60's. Vic Fontaine wins for me, because I wouldn't want to spend any free time with the other two.

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I liked Data, but thought Vic Fontaine was more fun and much more perceptive to the nuances of people.


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For me its got to be Data; he's Smart (help you with your accounting, school assignments, and help plan the perfect bank heist), he's Strong (help clean the house/shovel the snow), he can impersonate anyone's voice (great entertainment value, especially for those akward family gatherings), he's got an impenetrable poker face, and of course he doesn't sleep (he can keep you company on the occasional insomniac nights). Oh, I almost forgot, he will laugh at all your jokes (his laugh is infectious).


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"Life tiny little life precious little life forms...where are you?" -Data


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Data of course...


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The Ilia Probe for hottness!


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Voyagers Doctor


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I like The Doctor on Voyager -- especially when he got his mobile emitter and was then able to leave the sickbay.

Diplomats! The best diplomat I know is a fully activated phaser bank.

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