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24th Century TV Show or Star Trek remake movie

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Created by: drellan


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I think here should be a series around 20 years after the destruction of Romulus in the Prime timeline. Star Trek Online has a whole timeline on there website about the events afterward and I think they could work with that.


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I hate to be a curmugeon, but I don't trust anyone with Star Trek at this point.  I wouldn't mind if nothing more was made, at least not for a long time until society has advanced a bit more.

But if another series must be made, I'd like it to take place in the late 24th c and to respect the existing TV/movie canon.

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A late 24th century Star Trek would be soooo blahhhh


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JJ Did a great job with new movies CG and effects but I wish he would have read or watched some more star trek b4 making the movie.  I would love to see a 24th century TV show or even a movie with the DS9 or Voyager crew. Combine that with the new CG and we could have a great trek experience. I’m sorry  “Red Matter” a substance that had no theory (Come on JJ get one of them MIT dudes on staff) behind it but it could make a black hole and destroy a planet???  I must say there was so much he could have done without destroying the prime timeline. The trans warp beaming was also kind of funny since we can’t do that in the 23rd century but we now can because Nero went back in time… Like really WTF JJ…… 

Don’t get me wrong I did not mind the new TOS cast (they did a great job I might add)  but the movie did not need to destroy the timeline. They should have brought it back to the prime timeline as was done in first contact or STV year of hell (a great voyager episode). They crew could have worked hard to destroy Nero and restore the time line. This could have left us with a 2nd movie exploring the adventures of Kirk prior to the TOS series….. 

That’s all it’s simple add to the Star Trek universe not make up your own. Answer questions that other series have left unanswered.


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TV show!!!!


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 I perfer DS9 and Enterpise movie in Yesterday Enterpise timeline were Caption Sisko must free Caption archer and enterpise main stars nexus with help wornhole alien change tide war in UFP favor. In return Sisko agree top religon leader of Bajoren people.  As new star Terk show perfer show starfleet personal learing UFP history holodeck class room setting either starfleet cedets or people selection aid in protect timeline.


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I red a book called "Star Trek Vendetta". It was based on the Doomsday Machine vs the Borg.

It would make for a great movie.

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Late 24th century would be pretty awesome... Warp 13! 


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How about starfleet musom give into UFP history.


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The only flaw in your poll is your deception calling Star Trek XI a remake movie. I don't seem to recall an episode or movie ever having this story line before. If so, please point this out to me.
As far as I can tell, Star Trek VI was an original story providing a fresh start and utilizing the original characters...but I could be wrong if you can provide episode or movie names I might have missed in the last 45 years of being a Star Trek fan.


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So are there any plans in the works for another movie????


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Quote: cfflpanthers @ Mar. 23 2011, 9:36 pm


>So are there any plans in the works for another movie????


Yes. The best source for all the current progress can be found at

Read thu all the articals presented at the site over the last few months to catch up.

In a nutshell,; Writers will be completing script soon, very soon. Production ofices and design teams have beeen secured, JJ will decide if he's directing when he reads the finished script, all actors are returning, filming is scheduled for august-sept. of 2011. release date set for May 2012.

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