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24th Century TV Show or Star Trek remake movie

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Created by: drellan


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I'm borrowing part of this poll idea from someone else's topic strand...with the addition of a 24th century show. 


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New series pretty please.


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A new TV series would be awesome about this era.


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New series, animated.

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They need to do the following...

1- Continue making the Abrams movies in the Alternate Universe.

2- Create a CGI animated anthology show set in the Prime Universe.

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Keep making the movies

Don't make a televison show for AT LEAST another 5 years.



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A new series in 24th century would be welcomed. I'm not against more movie, but Please no more 2009 irrational type movies that make no sense.


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I agree with the English chap a CGI anthology.

It could cover all Trek era's

using the voices of the actors as guest Stars.

One week Picard next week Sisko

I'd watch


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I always thought an anthology series would be nice, give the writers more time to work on each story, and a chance to rotate in/out story lines that weren't working. I am also firmly in the camp of never wanting to see another of the Abrams films. One was way too much for me.

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I'd love a new series.

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voyager was in the late 24th century so we need to start the 25th century

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Quote: annika.hansen @ Feb. 12 2011, 10:11 pm

voyager was in the late 24th century so we need to start the 25th century

24th, 25th, or higher as long as its something new, that evolves Star Trek universe.


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I have 2 suggestions:
a.) So you know those Voyager episodes (Future's End and Relativity) with Captain Braxton and those other dudes on the Timeships? That might be fun.
b.) They should do a really early history one like just after the Pheonix took off and they just made First Contact. That might be fun because the only people they know in outer space are Vulcans, and it can start from scratch, and could tie into Enterprise. (:

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Either is fine! But I prefer a new late-24thCent./early-25thCent. show


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The 24th Century has been done. The Prime Timeline has all but exhausted itself and deserves to be enjoyed for what it is now rather than expanded upon with yet another crew boldly doing what Picard, Sisko and Janeway did. 

In order...

Summer 2012: JJ Abrams Directed sequel to "Star Trek" 

Autumn/Winter 2012 - onwards: Animated Series set within the alternate timeline featuring a team of cadets at Starfleet Academy going on adventures aboard a training ship lead by Admiral Pike featured briefly in the 2012 sequel launched on Nickelodeon.

Spring 2015: Animated Series third season draws to a close with an episode linked to the final movie.

Summer 2015: JJ Abrams Directed final instalment to his Star Trek trilogy. 

September 2016: New creative team to produce a new Star Trek TV Series set in the alternate universe continuing on from the final movie using secondary or new characters possibly established briefly in the third JJ Abrams movie. 

Beyond that; more movies set within the alternate universe after the final season of the TV series. 

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