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Would you work at a star trek office.


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If offered a job tomorrow to work at a Star trek themed office would you? 


Keep in mind you would still do the same job you do now the only differnece is you would have to wear a uniform, and follow a rank system as in star trek. 

Of course your computers and furniture would also look like trek based. 

The other benefit is that you would work exclusively with people that like trek. 


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best idea ever! lol

Jolan Tru, may your day be filled with peace.


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yipes, double post

Jolan Tru, may your day be filled with peace.


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Hells to the yeah xD I would be happy to wear my star trek uniform to work!
This is great idea!

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In a heartbeat


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Transporter Chief (well, perhaps bell boy!)

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I would do would be "fun".

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I think I already did that. We didn't have uniforms, or have rules about being a fan... but back in the early 90s, when TNG was at the height of its popularity, we used to play Star Trek all day long in the back of our minds. I was fortunate enough to work for a high-tech company with plenty of computers, high-end scanners, and cutting edge equipment of the day. We had a half-million-dollar digital printer that looked EXACTLY like a TOS/TNG transporter console... the designers had been inspired by Trek, after all. It was sweet. So, it wasn't hard to imagine ourselves rambling around on the Enterprise, workin' it right. Of course, the boss took advantage of our enthusiasm by expecting us to do things on IMPOSSIBLE deadlines, just like Captain Kirk. We always managed to pull it off anyway... but that was part of the challenge and fun. Those were good times, striving for excellence and succeeding every time.

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i would.

"take us out"...


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It would be interesting experience. I can go to work dressed in Starfleet uniform, because ST is unknown here. And I wear gown (I'm a doctor, not a Trekkie!), so it would be partially hidden. People would tell me You have funny tracksuit, where did you buy it? I don't think anybody would realize it's ST uniform.


It would be great to see the Sickbay IRL.

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Need you ask?!

I would be first in line!

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