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You're not watching the Super Bowl


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Multi tasking. Laptops rule.

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Actually, my computer is about two feet away from my TV. So, I am watching the Super Bowl....

Since TW is in the other room watching on the bigger TV I can leave my sound I can hear his yelling at the TV better....


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I would rather watch paint dry. Or post here. LOL j/k But the latter I'm not. Currenty posting here and working on some clip art.

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Was too busy watching the Superb Owl with Wil Wheaton via Twitter. Seriously, The man is a genius. (it feels weird to call him a man!)

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The Super Bowl is about as important as the national championship in weed picking here. :-) Besides, I haven´t got a clue about the rules of your football.

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Two reasons:
Football is boring in general and the ridiculous hype leading up to it is so annoying.

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My folks watched it casually but I only watched it with one eye.

We are a BEARS family here!!!


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I have never been a fan of football or sports in general.

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I am an European, so I dont care about it and I am not interested in sports at all. I'd rather watch my clothes tumbling in the washing mashine.



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Yeah, I heard there was some kind of sporting event on yesterday


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Has it got something to do with fruit?

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I was sleeping then when it started. I did a lot of things that day so i was really tired...

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I watched it, though I couldn't actually follow what was going on


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about a hundred million people in the united states watched it. Which means more didn't watch it.

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My TV was within eye range of my computer. I was online (occasionally) and watching the game at the same time.

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