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A New TV series!


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I was personally never a fan of the original series. I was 15 when TNG went on air and that was always my idea of Star Trek. DS9 was good, but certainly didn't surpass TNG. TNG's crew seemed like a close family, the stories, the acting and adventure all made for a spectacular series. 

Then Voyager came along and wow... For me, Voyager was the closest 'family' of all Star Trek series and their adventure kept you on the edge of your seat. Even years later, knowing what happened at the end and watching the the entire series again I was always so concerned with their well being. 

I think Star Trek can handle more than 1 series over the next few years, something needs to get going soon. I would love to see a series that starts off with the return of Voyager, the future of the Federation, all the new technologies from the Delta Quadrant and whatever the federation had already developed. I'm sure a lot of the actors from Voyagers' crew would love to go back to work. I think a Rebuilding of Voyager is in order, start off the first season on Earth rebuilding the ship, explore what happens with the doctor, seven, the Marque, etc in better detail and watch the ship be put back in 1 piece. End Series 1 as they disembark on a new adventure. 

I must say I did really enjoy the new movie. There are certainly some options there. Pre federation timeline could be interesting too. 

 I don't want anything to get rushed into, the Enterprise series really seemed to be a huge mistake to me. In the Shadow of the new Movie and huge potential for a sequel to that movie, I really can't wait for the next series that pushs to 7+ years and captures the hearts and imaginations for another generation of fans. 


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Quote: Captain Adams @ Jul. 10 2011, 3:12 pm


>Agreed UFP2009 but there is also the time frame between Undiscovered Country/beginning of Generation to the first season of TNG.  Then the open future from Nemesis on where we can speculate that Bajor and the Cardassian Union have joined the UFP and the destruction of Romulus might make the Romulans even more isolated or so weak that they opt to join the Federation.  Regardless, some very interesting ideas.  

>With regards to a new TV show, I think Paramount and CBS, whenever they are ready should make a series in the original universe but in the future.  The premise behind Star Trek Online is wonderful, in a future beyond Nemesis but not something unfamiliar like 500 years into the future.  50 to 200 years past Nemesis would be a world of wonder.

I'll tell you why I don't support a series that goes so far into the future; we have no idea what it will be like or if we will even be here. I am for a series we can relate to; something between Enterprise and TOS. It really doesn't matter to me if a series is done or not; I am writing a short novel with a more realistic view of the future; it will also include analternate propulsion system and a theory I have about time travel that as far as I know nobody has considered. CBS and Paramount can do what they want; I will do what will satisfy me.


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Quote: UFP2009 @ Jul. 10 2011, 7:19 pm


>CBS and Paramount can do what they want; I will do what will satisfy me.


Sounds fair.

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Star Trek doesn't need anymore TV series for the forseeable future.

They should focus on making movies until a new generation of Star Trek fans are born

A generation that has no memory of the previous incarnations.

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