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Character Death in Star Trek

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Created by: JOYOFVGR


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There have been a few character deaths in Trek. The first major one being Spock in The Wrath of Kahn. However, he was resurrected in the very next movie. That seemed to set an expectation that if a main character in Star Trek dies, they will some how be brought back. It's just a matter of time.

Since then a few main characters have died. Data, for example. There's a few threads now dedicated to him over in the TNG forum. Also, Captain Janeway, in Peter David's book Before Dishonor.

Now with the addition of the Q character, it seems like bringing people back from the dead is really a no brainer. Does that take away from the death? Should the characters that die, stay dead?

I'll hold my opinion until we get a few responses. I don't want to sway the voting in any particular direction.


Edit: Darn I forgot to put in an option for "Other" so if you have any other thoughts, just select the null vote option and express them in your post. Sorry.

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I choose other.
Stop killing off main characters. Bring back some if it was a mistake to kill them off. Examples: data should be brought back.
Kirk's son sorry RIP LOL.
Kirk's death a major mistake, a disapperance would have been better.


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I honestly don't see any expectation for a character's resurrection. Yes, Spock was resurrected, that's the only instance of a character coming back from the dead. Kirk stayed dead, Tasha Yar is dead in both timelines (but she was kind of brought back). Jadzia is dead though Dax survived. Data was blown up good, but the plan was to him to re-emerge in B4. It just wasn't used because NEM's performance killed any chance at all of another TNG film.

The one thing Spock, Data, and Dax have in common is that they're not human. Their natures allowed resurrections (or continuity in the case of Dax). Every human character who has died (generally) has stayed dead.

The franchise isn't nearly as bad as comic-books wrt resurrecting dead characters.



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Having a major, or popular, character "die" should be well-thought-out, before a big change is made. However, once that character is dead, he/she/it should stay dead, to make it seem more like real life. Of course, memories and flashbacks could offer chances for that character to temporarily "reappear" for an episode or so.

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I agree with the above poster. If you're going to kill someone, keep them dead, but make sure there is a better reason for killing a major character (or a key member planet) than just to shock the audience or for a short term boost in ratings/interest.

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IF you always bring someone back, then death means nothing. There's no emotional resonance to it. Why do they put death into an episode? To get an emotional response. If you kow that they're going to be resurected then risking their lives, doing something dangerous, sacrificing your life for another, all these intense things have no meaning.


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Nobody should try to defeat the death. Even Spock. I think the 'katra' thing is too far-fetched, even for Star trek.



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Spock is different. In terms of Star Trek, along with Kirk, he is the most important character ever to be created. His importance and significance is second to none (save JTK) and he was worthy of a story cycle.

In point of fact, to many people out there if you ask them about the most memorable thing in Star Trek, the answer would be Spock. Not bad for a character the network originally worried about because of his satanic appearance.

Data could easily be brought back. Perhaps like Spock did with McCoy - Data might have downloaded his cyber-katra before embarking upon his last escapade. After all - he would only have needed a USB port ...

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Spock is my most favourite character ever. I know the reasons why he was resurrected, and I know the background story of it. But when someone is dead, it shouldn't be a temporary state. Getting an alternate Spock from some parallel universe would be better. Yes, he would be missed somewhere else, but not in the 'prime' universe.



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For example, that thing he did to McCoy before his death, could be an information how to save his alternate version from a parallel universe, in which Enterprise was in a 'Kobayashi Maru' situation and nothing could be done to save the ship and its crew. Then he wouldnt even be missed there. The difficult part would be, how to get to the right universe and back. Yes, not an excellent story, but for me still more ..eeee...believable, than the 'katra'.

Second thing, transferring approximately 50 years of memories and the whole personality to Bones should take more time, than it actually took.


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