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Would you like to see ST-TNG on the Official Site?

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Created by: EnsignMarkus


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Markus McLaughlin @MarkusMcLaughln Hudson, MA


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All I can say is YES!

Jolan Tru, may your day be filled with peace.


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Id loveee to be able to eatch episodes here (:

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Doh. Of course I say "yes". It is never going to happen, though.


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yes but no stupid ads or commercials.


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I watch the episodes on dvd, but I'm not goin to vote no and ruin everything xD


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I watch them OVER and OVER and OVER again (lol) on DVD, but it'd still be great to have episodes on here so that I don't have to be a home to watch.

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Good point janewayjunkie, I was thinking well why when I already have them all on DVD? But it is nice to have other options especially when away from home.

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I would like episodes available, but there is not point for me because I cannot watch them in my area.

Trekkie 12

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I do not understand the site's hesitation in this matter. Clearly the fans wish this to be the case, yet there seem to be no reaction to this yearning.

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