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Star Trek Voyager


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Thats so difficult i actually like all of them!!!


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im still havin trouble chosing!


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Picardo, Beltran and then McNeill.

Picardo was the best Doctor since Kelley.


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I think all 3 Roberts did an excellent job with each of their characters. But I think Picardo probably had the toughest job because from what I have heard, he was given nothing to go on as far as what the EMH was suppose to be.

But they all did a fantastic job. Picardo and McNeill were especially funny and always made me laugh. Even in the most serious of episodes one or both of them had some kind of funny line to add to ease the tension of the situation. Beltran was just an all around great actor and did a wonderful job portaying Chakotay!


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I agree with MythicWolf that Picardo and McNeill made me laugh.  I don't know what it is about Beltran, I guess it was just that Chakotay stayed the same the whole time.  But look how far the Doc and Tom came...


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I have seen Picardo in other things besides Star Trek. He is an all around excellant actor. It's really difficult to judge best actor when we are so used to seeing someone in the role they play in a long running television show. Beltran is a good actor. But we give him less credit because the Chakotay character just wasn't written as well or as exciting a part as the Doctor and Tom were.

It's like all the people I have heard say Shatner can't act and hated the original Star Trek because they did't like Cpt. Kirk. Shatner was great in Boston Legal as a lawyer with strange proclivities and alzheimer's.


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Picardo, of course. No one could make a better Doctor!

There comes a time when the odds are against you and the only reasonable course of action is to quit... That's when you turn to Star Trek.

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