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Star Trek Voyager


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Which Robert was the best actor?  I think Robert McNeill but what do you think?  All Three were great!

Robert Beltren (Chakotay)

Robert McNeill (Tom Paris)

Robert Picardo (The Doctor)


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Robert McNeill


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Robert Picardo.


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Certainly the Doctor. He was the essential to much of the plot and added to the entire lost in the Delta Q. experience. Though all the Roberts were great.


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As far as acting ability I think both Robbie McNeil and Bob Picardo are tied. Robert Beltran is way below them, he was a terrible actor in my opinion


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I met two out of three, Robert Picardo and Robert Beltran. So it's a hard pick, In Person I would say Robert Picardo, but in characters, I would have to say Robert Duncan McNeill.


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Chakotay played the same role. I mean, there was the constant maturity and calm logic behind the man.

Paris's character was either good or bad (as in, he was either in a good mood or a bad mood) he was like Marmite "one day loving, the other hating".

Schmullus was something else. He played so many different persona's in VGR I can't count them. He grew so much and played so many roles with a very good balance. Picardo for the win.


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LOL, Picardo was so great on the show. He was perfect for the Doctor, one of my favorite characters.

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Robert Mulgrew.


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Robert Picardo. I love the Doctor like some people around here like Data.

Well, maybe not that much... But a lot. You gotta love The Doctor.

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Robert Beltran


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Picardo. He did a great job as the Doctor and made the show far more entertaining than any other series.

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Loved them all!


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I got to go with the good Doctor Robert Picardo

He's a Doctor not a light bulb.

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In the following order:

Robert Picardo

Robert McNeill

Robert Beltran



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