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Who would you want to 'shadow' for a day on TNG?

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Created by: tahmtahm


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I've always been curious as to what our favorite characters were doing when we don't see them on camera during an episode and wondered what it would be like to shadow them.

What character would you want to shadow to see what their life and job was really like?  Do you have a specific episode in mind?

Tal Adair

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We were treated to this experience somewhat in "Data's Day"... one of my personal favorite episodes for that reason. I could go on trailing him around the ship for days, years, decades... just as long as he (and others) would tolerate the intrusion.

Not a very imaginative answer, I know. :/

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I voted Data but I would also go for Picard. Love them both!

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Data I could follow him forever !!! My second choice would be picard xD they're my favsss!

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Wow... all the Data groupies have gathered here fast...

I shall add to the mix and say that I would like to shadow Data (obviously), but I would also enjoy shadowing Beverly Crusher.


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Crusher : )


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I would like to see Worf's daily routine - what he thinks when he gets up, when he works, when he takes care of his son, when he puts conditioner on his cute hair, when he meets other people. I'm curious how looks a day in Klingon officer's eyes.

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Dr. Crusher

I always party at Starbase 63!



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Wow Data is winning hands down.....hummmm


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I voted Beverly Crusher, only because I'm interested in what a CMO does all day besides growing space fungus!
I would also love to shadow Data for a day, that would be an interesting experience.

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I voted Dr. Crusher, since she's my favorite character. But I'll have to say, Wesley would be interesting too.

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Data... His day is usually... shall we say... "Fascinating."


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I'd liek to shadow Guinan and drink all day LOL


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Riker. I know he does more than just sit in the chair beside Picard. What fun we could have!

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