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Watched the first episode today. I thought it was pretty funny, though some of the jokes were a bit obvious and overused in sitcoms. It's a bit depressing seeing how old William Shatner is now days, but I suppose that happens...

What are your thoughts on the show?


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I think its horrid, watched th first two episodes and no more.

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its on my list that my grandmother and I watch along with Star Trek Enterprise we enjoy it xD

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Thought this was a totally different thread.

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I like ths show very much. I just wish they'd write out the daughter-in-law. She's annoying, and a lame pointless character that brings down an otherwise great show.


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I wasn't crazy about it originally, but I think it's getting better. I like Shatner's interaction with the uptight neighbor.

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Jean Smart is a great addition.

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