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Time Measurement in Star Trek


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That means they can only split a year into 100 sections, so the degree of precision in the stardate is 3.65 days - not exactly ideal, and it's very Earth-centric. I think the whole point of stardates was that they are not tied to the orbital period of any particular planet, since Starfleet consists of more than just humans.


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Quick answer, Earth is Starfleet's main HQ.


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Quote: Spot_Data's_Cat @ Jan. 28 2011, 1:15 am


>Why is it that in Star Trek they seem to use Earth time measurements (hours, years, minutes etc.), despite the fact that there are numerous other species whose worlds would almost definitely use completely different time measurements? Would this not also cause problems encountering new species?

We need to measure time according to Sol; however we need to consider other areas in space just like we have our time and other time zones on earth following in comparison.

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