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Why doesn't Star Trek come on regular tv very much?


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I mean yeah I see The Next Generation on BBC and sometimes on Syfy, and I see Enterprise on Syfy here and there. However I NEVER see The Original Series anywhere. And it's extremely rare that I see Deep Space Nine or Voyager.

Why is that? Especially since I think Star Trek in general has become more popular among the general public since J.J. Abrams film.

Personally, I own all the dvds to every series, every movie. I love watching Star Trek and watch it on almost a daily basis. Personally I couldn't stand waiting for Star Trek to air on tv. Especially since there's only two out of five series that seem to come on.

But do most fans own the dvds as well? I mean obviously the dvds must sell or they wouldn't keep making them.

But those of you who have dvds, do you watch them often?

Do you have some of them or all of them?

I love all of Trek and couldn't imagine myself being without it. I love to watch the whole franchise in chronological sequence, it's great. I'm currently watching Voyager Season 7. The episode Repentence to be even more exact, great episode.


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Thats very odd... here in NZ, we have TNG and ENT sometimes on Prime... but not often... I never saw TOS, DS9 or VOY on NZ television. Seems to be a recurring thing 'round the world according to you, Sora.


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Well I live in the United States in Alabama. Chances are I'm probably like the only fan in Alabama. All anybody cares about around here in football and shotguns lol

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You hit it Sora- Alabama. You may have the Marshall Space Center, but not much else interest in space and sci-fi. Of course, I think Spike syndicated a few shows and sci-fi plays them irregularly at best. The networks mainly market crime drama and reality shows now. Intelligent sci-fi and space travel both suffer from an intellectually poor American general public who don't want something that makes them think about bettering themselves or the whole of mankind.


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spike tv used to run both voyager and DS9, but stopped doing it a while back (though i do ocationally see Voyager listed in their lineup). This really needs to change, as if all star trek is not made available to the public then the chances of a new series diminishes greatly, at least in my opinion it does.

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TNG was on daily in Poland when I visited my friend there last year :-)

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Well it's nice to know it's on somewhere. But like I said, I rarely see it on. But all I can think is that it's because it's easier to just buy the dvds and watch it when you want. But at the same time, if all of the series we airing in reruns all the time, and not just TNG, there's a good chance to catch more viewers, who then may become fans and then buy the dvds themselves, an could also give a higher chance of a new series starting.

Plus I think a majority of casual viewers most likely haven't seen DS9 and Voyager at all. Or at least not in years since it was originally airing. Having DS9 and Voyager airing more often could again recruit more fans.

I really wish that there could be a Star Trek channel that ran Star Trek non stop 24 hours a day. Including all the films and all the series. Maybe here and there they could run some other sci fi series as well, just for diversity.

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Chicago's MeTV- which is now an official NETWORK for classic television, hurrah!- has had TOS on its regular schedule for nearly 5 years now!, click away...

They have had TNG for the past two years, and I am sure that they will eventually introduce more trek as well.


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They show the classic ST here on regular TV. Then if your a lucky Canadian with Sat or cable TV you can get all of the different ST series on SPACE. Its our version of the scyfy channel.

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Yeah unfortunately our version of the syfy channel doesn't play very much syfy anymore...

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enterprise airs on scy fy i saw it tuesday-thursday at 6 eastern time, i havent seen any other series recently on tv unfortunetly ):

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Like Roboto said, it's on MeTV every night Monday through Friday. That's how I watched TOS after CBS took all the episodes off of YouTube.

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they want you to buy the dvds.

"take us out"...


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I must say in Houston we get STNG 5 nights a week on 2 channels. It comes on 7pm on channel 55 Houston at 7pm and also on cable SYFY at the same time. Then on Mon-Fri at 10 pm on a cable channel called "Kube" TOS airs. As the previous poster said DVD sets are the way to go now. I was in Walmart the other day and saw the complete season 1 of Voyager on sale for 20 dollars!


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the reason is...we are a kind of people that look beyond...look towards us (humans) being great. to explore and learn. most network cable is into programming robots.

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