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Which Star Trek Series had the best Writers?

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Quote: Pooneil @ Jan. 26 2011, 1:48 pm

TOS had the best writers by a long shot. Harlan Ellision, Norman Spinrad, Robert Bloch, Theodore Sturgeon, and Trek's own Gene L. Coon, probably the most underrated man in the franchise's history (maybe because he died in the 1970s and didn't get a chance to contribute anything more). There were talented writers working on the other shows, but each of the ones I mentioned is known not only for TV writing, but for novels and stories. How many TV shows can boast actual novelists as contributors?


TOS Season 3 Classics:

The Enterprise Incident

Spectre of the Gun

Day of the Dove

The Tholian Web

Let That Be Your Last Battlefield

The Savage Curtain

All Our Yesterdays


Really? The Savage Curtain was a classic? I can agree with you on the others, but The Savage Curtain felt like a script written by a small boy playing with his action figures.

That's nice. Thank you for your heartfelt feedback.



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The internet may have revolutionized the way people in the Western world communicate, offering up new venues for personal expression and allowing hitherto under-represented demographics to voice their opinions. One of those demographics is the Sarcastic Bastard, who lurks on message boards pretending to be more intelligent than everyone else and uttering smart remarks that add nothing to the discussion. It remains to be seen what ultimate effects -- good or bad -- the internet will have on how our culture communicates.


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haha great way to look at Season 3 of TOS. But I still hold Season 3 as my favorite, only because the classics in Season 3, are most of my personal favorite episodes in all of TOS.

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