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Which Star Trek?


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I am currently working my way through all the different seasons of Star Trek. I have currently got the original series, the next generation and as of this week I have watched every episode of Voyager. I am now wondering which season to watch next. Im not sure whether to start on DS9 or enterprise, can anyone suggest which they enjoy most out of the two?


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I love both, personally. Enterprise is shorter so you will be able to get through it faster so that is the route I'd take. Both shows are different and you will get different things out of both.

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May I ask what order you originally went through the series and why? Which Star Trek films have you seen?

I would've recommended you start with Enterprise, and then do The Original Series and then the Animated Series, Star Trek The Motion Picture - Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country. Next Generation Seasons 1-5. TNG Season 6 with DS9 Season 1. TNG Season 7/DS9 Season 2. DS9 Season 3/Star Trek Generations/Voyager Season 1. DS9 Season 4/Voyager Season 2. DS9 Season 5/Voyager Season 3/Star Trek First Contact. DS9 Season 6/Voyager Season 4. DS9 Season 7/Voyager Season 5/Star Trek Insurrection. Voyager Season 6 and 7. Star Trek Nemesis, and then the 2009 remake.

Going through the series that way, you'll see the complete story in full chronological order.

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I have watched all of the movies. I started with the original series then the next generation and then voyager. Thanks for your advise though, "sora" yours sounds like a really good way of watching them because of the chronological aspect. Its a shame that I have already started in my own order

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