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Isn't that what's-his-name...?

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Quote: CO_Fowler @ Jan. 22 2011, 11:16 am

>It's listed in his credits, Mark Lenard, on 1968 Hang 'Em High as a Prosecutor Also: Watch on TV Hang 'Em High Sat. Jan. 22 3:45 PM on AMC IMDbTV | All TV listings » It's also neat to see what other shows he was on. I didn't know he was on my mom's fave soap, Another World! Of course that was before I was born LOL But he was also on Somerset and Days of Our Lives, among many other shows.


Mark Lenard had a big, regular part on "Here Come the Brides", a 1970's western type TV series based on the film "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers".  This show also starred Bobby Sherman (with a fake stutter), who was a big teen heartthrob at the time and was in all the teen magazines.



vulcan lady

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Logan Ramsey, who played Claudius Marcus in "Bread and Circuses" showed up on MASH yesterday, as Colonel Lambert.

Logan Ramsey                


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I find it interesting in the original series (even being only three years), a number of actors appeared in more than one episode. One such actor is Skip Homeier. He played Deputy Führer Melakon on 'Patterns of Force', and also Dr. Severn on 'The Way to Eden'.

Homeier began acting as Skippy Homeier at the age of six, on the radio show Portia Faces Life. From 1943 until 1944 he played the role of Emil in the Broadway play, Tomorrow the World. Cast as a child indoctrinated into Nazism, who is brought to the United States from Germany following the death of his parents, Homeier was praised for his performance. Oddly enough, in Patterns of Force he deals with Nazism again.  The Way to Eden   Patterns of Force


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Mark Lenard had a big, regular part on "Here Come the Brides", a 1970's western type TV series based on the film "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers".  This show also starred Bobby Sherman (with a fake stutter), who was a big teen heartthrob at the time and was in all the teen magazines.

If anyone has ever read the Star Trek book "Ishmael"

the book takes place on the show Here comes the Brides

"Your quality will be known among your enemies before ever you meet them, my friend"-Alexander Siddig in Kingdom of Heaven


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Saw Nana Visitor in an episode from season 4 of Battlestar Galactica.

Also noticed that The Five ( well four of them anyway) meet in storage locker 1701-D!

CORPORATIONS AREN'T PEOPLE! Soylent Green is people.


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Today I'm watching an episode of Criminal Minds called 'The Uncanny Valley' and guest stars Jonathan Frakes in a small role.


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Today I'm watching "Where No Man Has Gone Before", the first pilot episode of the original series (yes, they actually needed two before NBC bought it). Guest Star Sally Kellerman was also popular in the movie M*A*S*H. She also had a singing contract at age 18.  (1966)  M*A*S*H  (1970)


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Pg 1

Mark Lenard (Sarek - Spock's Father)

sheriff on Spectre of the Gun

Christopher Lloyd - Kruge

Teri Garr

Tim Russ (Voyager)

Nimoy & Shatner on Man from UNCLE
Shatner - Twilight Zone

Shatner, Nimoy, Doohan, Takei, and many guest stars on Twilight Zone

Stars and guests from Star Trek who also appeared on Wild Wild West

Jeri Ryan (Voyager) on Dark Skies

Brent Spiner (TNG) on Night Court

Walter Koenig (TOS) history


Pg 2

James Gregory - Planet of te Apes

JJ Abrams - history

Star Trek guest crossovers with Batman

Leonard Nimoy on TJ Hooker


Pg 3

Malcolm McDowell (Generations)

Lawrence Montaigne (various guest spots on TOS)

Kate Mulgrew (Yoyager) - Ryan's Hope

Andrew Robinson (Elim Garak - DS9) - Ryan's Hope & Dirty Harry

Rene Auberjonios and Ethan Phillips (DS9 & Voyager) – Benson

Jeri Ryan on Murder, She Wrote

John DeLancie - Q - Days of our Lives

Mark Lenard - Sarek - clip from Hang em High & Planet of the Apes (TV)

Nana Visitor and Johnathan Frakes - soap opera "The Doctors", 1986

Dwight Schultz - Reginald Barclay

Pg 4

Siddig El Fadil (Alexander Siddig) Bashir - (DS9) history

Jonathan Frakes - Riker (TNG) (video history)

Leonard Nimoy - Spock TOS history

Ted Cassidy - Ruk (& Lurch) history

JG Hertzler - John Garman Hertzler Chancellor Martok history
Levar Burton - Big Bang Theory

One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest - Trek alumni

France Nuyen (who played 'Elaan of Troyius') & Shatner in a Kung Fu episode

Armin Shimerman "We're Off To See The Wizard"

TOS stars in old western shows

Walter Koenig history


Pg 5

'The Lieutenant in the Highest Tradition' Parts 1-5 1964Created by Gene Roddenbury, starring Majel Barrett (Nurse Chapel), Gary Lockwood (Gary Mitchell) and Leonard Nimoy

René Auberjonois (Odo) history

Armin Shimerman (Quark) history

Marina Sirtis (DeAnna Troi - TNG) - video history

Patrick Stewart - on children's TV

Ray Walston (Boothby - TNG VOY) history

Avery Brooks (DS9) history

Robert Beltran (voyager) history


Pg 6

Mitchell Ryan (Riker's father) history

Barbara March & Gwynyth Walsh - Lursa and B'Etor Duras – history

Robert O'Reilly & John Garman "J. G." Hertzler Klingon leaders

Brian Bonsall Alexander Rzochenko II history

Jon Steuer Alexander Rzochenko I history

Marc Worden Alexander Rzochenko III history

James Sloyan Alexander Rzochenko IV history

MCI Commercial with Leonard Nimoy, TOS Cast and Jonathan Frakes
Check the same space suit in both episodes... Star Trek and Mork & Mindy

James Cromwell appaered as Zefram Cochrane in the movie Star Trek First Contact

Jennifer Morrison

Joseph Ruskin

Ethan Phillips

Suzie Plaxton


Pg 7

sighting Kate Mulgrew & Minuet on Law & Order

photos Mark Lenard on Clint Eastwood movie 'Hang 'em High' (1968)

Ray Walston (Boothby) TNG

"Spectre Of The Gun",The Ron Soble Star Trek Interview

Colm Meaney

William Windom (Captain Dekker) TOS

Nimoy on TJ Hooker

Deforest Kelly

comments Ellaina of Troy

comment Jeri Ryan

comment Mr. Hong

comment Karl Urban

pg 8

Father Dowling´s Mysteries trek sightings

comment Shatner nararates Trinity and Beyond: The Atomic Bomb Movie.

sighting Armin Shimerman

sighting Micheal Ansara - Kang,TOS) Theo Marcus (Korob, TOS: Catspaw), Micheal Strong (Korby TOS)

comment Admiral Necheyev

David Warner history

Karl Urban history

clip Kate Mulgrew on Ryan's Hope (soap opera)

comment James Doohan & Shatner on Twilight Zone

Jolene Blalock history

comment David Warner on The Company of Wolves


pg 9

comment Kodos the Executioner on Perry Mason

various sightings (Takai on 3rd Rock from the Sun)

Mchael Zaslow (TOS 'Mantrap') history

Scott Bacula history

clip Michael Dorn 2005 movie Descent

comment James Cromwell

David Ogden Stiers, Teri Garr, Teri Hatcher, K Callen Ashley Judd

Colm Meaney sighting

David Ogden Stiers history

comment Stargate tie in John Billingsley, Marina Sirtis, John De Lancie, Dwight Schultz, Armin Shimerman


pg 10


Marina Sirtis history
John de Lancie history

Shatner and Nimoy do commercials...

Jerry Hardin history

sighting Robert Picardo

Babylon 5 tie ins

Gremlins 2 tie ins

Patrick Stewart - Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius

sighting Andy Robinson

sighting Criminal Minds

Michael Dorn clip I Am Weasel

pg 11

sightings Michael Dorn

sighting Alexander Siddig (Vertical Limit)

various non-Trek Sci Fi sightings

sightings Theodore Bikel (Worf' adoptive father) & Ike Eisenman (Scotty's nephew)

Robert Duncan McNeil history

sighting Jeri Ryan

sighting Deanna Troi

Stargate sightings


pg 12

sightings Patrick Stewart and Karl Urban

Bruce Greenwood (Captian Pike ST:2009) history

Gene Dynarski (Ben Childress) history

Mark A. Sheppard (Voyager guest star) history

sighting Rene Auberjonois (Odo)

John Neville history

Nancy Kovack (TOS Private Little War) history

Skippy Homeier (TOS Dr. Severn) history

sightings Jonathan Frakes, Jolene Blalok, Brent Spiner, Leonard Nimoy


pg 13

Ron Glass (ST:Voy guest) history

Leonard Nimoy history

Andreas Katsulas (Commander Tomalak) history

Majel Barrett history
sighting George Takei

Majel Barrett comment

Elisha Cook, Jr. (Samuel T. Cogley) history

Christopher Lloyd comments

sighting Malcolm McDowell (Soran)

Meg Wyllie (alien 'The Cage') history

another sighting Malcolm McDowell (Soren)

sightings McDowell & Patrick Stewart

sighting Chris Sarandon / Prince Humperdinck


pg 14

Chris Sarandon history

Edward Thomas "Tom" Hardy (ST: Nemisis) profile

Prince Humperdink sighting

Rosalind Chao profile

René Murat Auberjonois profile

Alexander Siddig sightings/profile

Man from UNCLE sightings

Roy Jensen profile

LeVar Burton profile

Paul Edward Winfield profile

George Takei sighting


Page 15

Robert O'Reilly (Gowron) profile

John DeLancie Mick Fleetwood Jonathan Frakes sightings

Christopher McDonald profile

Julie Newmar profile

David Warner profile

Jonathan Frakes profile

Saul Rubinek profile


page 16

Saul Rubinek comment

Roger Charles Carmel profile

'Trouble with Tribbles' sightings

Jeff Corey profile

Jeff Corey comments


Page 17

Alexander Siddig, Ethan Phillips, Aron Eisenberg, Marina Sirtis

Jerry Hardin profile

William Dwight Schultz profile

News video Nimoy & the space shuttle Enterprise

Comment Diana Muldaur - Pulaski, Miranda, Ann Mulhall

David Warner & Jerry Hardin

Trek voices on video games

Brent Spiner posts


Page 18

James Darren (DS9)

Gremlins - DS9 crossovers

Lieutenant Jones

George Murdock

Little House on the Prairie Trek crossovers

Ronny Cox

Vic Tayback

Kelsey Grammer cameo

Kate Mulgrew comment

Information - writer 'Lights of Zetar'


Page 19

Michael Corbett (TNG Force of Nature)

Kurtwood Smith (VOG Year of Hell)

Morgan Woodward (TOS Dagger of the Mind & Omega Glory)

Lawrence Montaigne (TOS Balance of Terror)

Jeffrey Hunter

Various sightings

Jennifer Morrison (Star Trek 2009)

Colm Meaney

Criminal Minds sightings

Connor Trinner

Shatner on Kung Fu (video)

Rene Auberjonois (Baa Baa Black Sheep)


Page 20

George Takai (Allegiance) photo

Mark Lenard (Here Comes the Bride)

Logan Ramsey

Skip Homeier (TOS Way to Eden - Patterns of Force)

Nana Visitor on Battlestar Galactica

Jonathan Frakes on Criminal Minds 'The Uncanny Valley'

Sally Kellerman (TOS Where No Man Has Gone Before)


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Clinton "Clint" Howard (born April 20, 1959) is an American character actor in film and television known for his portrayal of Balok in the original Star Trek series as well as Johnson Ritter in the Austin Powers series. Since then, he has continued to make numerous appearances in television and radio, including many parts in movies directed by his brother, actor-director Ron Howard. Star Trek: Corbomite Maneuver Apollo 13 at Shatner's roast cameo in Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me Clint Howard Variety Show  Gentle Ben (1967)


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Quote: switcherdawna @ Oct. 02 2012, 6:58 am


>Today I'm watching an episode of Criminal Minds called 'The Uncanny Valley' and guest stars Jonathan Frakes in a small role. 



I loved the episode of Criminal Minds entitled 'Paradise' where Wil Wheaton played a serial killer.

Starbase Indy, The 17th Generation: You can't get closer to the Stars without warp drive. Thanksgiving weekend - Nov 23-25, 2012. Indianapolis Marriott East.


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I just rented The Mentalist on DVD and it is a virtual who's who of Star Trek actors (including John Billingsley and Connor Trineer together in an episode.) Funny is the guy who played Norvo on DS9 was a murderer on an episode of this series as well.

Have you ever danced with a Tribble in the pale moonlight?


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Just saw René Auberjonois on NCIS (episode name "Phoenix") that aired on 9 Oct 2012. His character was an old NASA scientist.


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Today I'm watching a TNG episode 'Homeward', with a guest star Paul Sorvino. He often portrays authority figures on both sides of the law, and is possibly best known for his roles as Paulie Cicero, a portrayal of Paul Vario in the 1990 gangster film Goodfellas and Sgt. Phil Cerreta on the police procedural and legal drama television series Law & Order.

He's appeared in hundreds of movies and television episodes, and there's also numerous clips of him singing available. Star Trek TNG 'Homeward' 1994 Goodfellas 1990 Dummy (clip with Levar Burton) 1979 Dick Tracy 1990 Nixon 1995 (playing Kissinger)



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This is something a little different... check the space suit worn by our Enterprize crew, and one worn by Mindy's dad on Mork and Mindy... Tholian Web Mork and Mindy


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Today I'm watching the TOS episode 'Dagger of the Mind' from the first season.... and guest stars Morgan Woodward as Simon Van Gelder. Morgan also was in the episode of TOS 'The Omega Glory' from the second season Captain Ron Tracey.

He was also popular on Dallas (1980-1989) as 'Punk Anderson', friend of the patriarch Jock Ewing.

One of Woodward's longest TV roles was as the deputy/sidekick "Shotgun" Gibbs in 1955-1961 TV series The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp starring Hugh O'Brian. He was also a frequent guest star on the famed western Gunsmoke.   Dagger of the Mind season 1  TOS)   Omega Glory  (season 2 TOS)   as Punk Anderson (Dallas)



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