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I have a question to my fellow Trek fans about the views of the various Trek series?


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4_o_20, Oh... and, btw - out of interest, is there some hidden meaning I'm not getting about your username?


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>Thanks for asking. When I first joined I had a random borg designation, 3_of_7 I believe. My first post was "How many trekkies smoke weed?" I found a few, including The_Chronic_One who always made me laugh and I sorely miss. He recommended 4_of_20 to me. Y'know that old story about some college students who smoked weed at 4:20 in the arvo, or something. It's become a common weed reference. Like the multiple universe episode of "Futurama", and in Universe 420 the professor and Amy are wild hippies. Anyway, y'know dryson? He hangs out in Science and Technology and we had a beef some years back. I said some things you can't say on these boards and was reported and banned. So I came back with a slightly altered name, so everyone who knew me would know it was me. 4_o_20. I've calmed down now with offensive posts (though sometimes he still gets the best of me) and the weed smoking as well, but it's become my name over the past five years, and Spot my avatar, so I continue to use it. You really like Hugh, do ya? So do I... What did you think of One on Voyager?
Are you from home doll? Cool if you are and aren't. We kinda know our own, at times. That Chron is a trouble maker.  He's over at Sb's place.

It's strange, being a catalyst for things that move outside.


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I haven't found a Star Trek yet that I don't like, and I don't understand the rabid hatred either. The people who are sensible and say that they just genuinely dislike something are fine, I just can't understand the ones who rant and rage about it for hours. That's the kind of thing that really scares people away from franchises like Star Trek.
Anyway, I hope that that's actually less common than it appears! I haven't met anyone in real life like that, only ones that are online. Hopefully that side of them just mostly comes out on the internet when they're anonymous.

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I don't really think you have to like all of star trek to be considerd a "true fan". Whatever that means. I think liking something because it has the star trek label on it is counterintuitive. I don't even think Gene Roddenberry would like all of what has been done with star trek. Would that make him not a fan?

With that being said, I am a huge fan of star trek. I have seen every episode of every show and every movie. Yes, some of it is better then the rest, but it's also ok to say you don't like something if it's flat out not good. I happen to really dislike Star Trek movies 1 & 5. The rest of them vary. Some being much better then others, but other then those two, I don't have many problems with the other movies. I happen to like all the shows. Nota huge fan of the first few seasons of ENT but for the most part no problems there either. I personally thihnk it's ok if someone doesn't like a certain movie/show or episode. As long as they have a valid reason and aren't just trolling. Everybody has their own opinion and not liking it because it's star trek doesn't make them worng.

My series order is as follows-

1. TOS
2&3. DS-9 and VOY(tied)

Peace and long life

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