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Report this Jan. 18 2011, 10:49 pm

As you may know 2016 is the 50th anniversary year. I will be older. I am planning to go to the Las Vegas convention that year. I am expecting that it will be big, considering the whole '50th Anniversary' thingy. Approximately how much does it cost to get into a Las Vegas convention? Any of you fans planning to go in that particular year?


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Will there be a 50th convention for certain?

I suppose they won't stop, but would like to know for sure.

At least all three new Trek movies should have been out by then.

It's my guess they will eventually have the 2009 cast there.

I will attend.


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I just assume there will be one, but I'm not certain.


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Yes but how much does it cost?

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I plan on goingg to the nj convention this year nd then in 2016 going to the las vegas one..I wud imagine it'll be a bit more expensive then the convention this year! I wish I cudve gone this year cuzz Brent Spiner will be there =/

I wud say in the 2016 they wud have the cast of the newer movies present as well as older characters...but that's just my thought

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Yea 50th Anniversay will probably happen for sure. Iam hoping big things are planned for that year. I would probably take a trip out to Las Vegas for sure!!


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this is not counting transportation, food, souveneirs and hotel costs

Vegas GOLD tickets are about $650 each. then they go down in price according to how far away the seating is. The vegas theater is HUGE and it gets hard to see when you're further back.
Captain's chair tickets are about $450 each, Preffered weekend ticekts are about $150 and general admission are less than that.

If you haven't been to a convention before I recommend gold tickets

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