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Pilots - Finales


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It's strange, being a catalyst for things that move outside.

Matthias Russell

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"Lifeforms, you precious little lifeforms, where . . . are . . . you?" Yes, Roboto, I misquoted.

Jedi, you and I are gonna sit down, watch Generations together, and duke this out.


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I'm not wild about any of the pilots, but I'd have to pick Emissary, if only because it was so different than anything else seen until then. The bit of dialog with Sisko and Picard was awesome. Always wish we'd seen more of Picard dealing with fallout from the whole Locutus thing.


In terms of finales... that's a tough one. I loved DS9's finale, it was very well crafted, but the whole Pah-Wraith thing was a bit of a drag, and anything with Kai Winn bores me... so I'm gonna have to say All Good Things. It was TNG at its best. Crazy science, great action, broad themes, and crazy science.

Matthias Russell

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I did enjoy watching Sisko face down Picard.


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Best Pilot-



Best Finale-

What You Leave Behind (although All Good a very close second!)


In space, no one can hear you scream...


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as much as i hate to say it but i feel that all the pilots were weak.I didn't like TOS,TNG was ok but weak, DS9 didn't make any sense and was terrible in my opinion, Voyagers Caretaker made it seem to easy for Voyager to be thrown in the Delta Quadrant and the scenes on the farm was a cliche' but if i had to pick one i guess "caretaker". now the finales were great for all of them. "all good things" was good, besides the warp 13 mess up. DS9 ended very well i think. Voyagers "Endgame" was a little disappointment. They covered too much of the future (that turns out to never exist after the timeline was changed)at the begining and then at the end it never should what happened to them. Enterprise's Finale was great. i think they did a great job regardless of how other people hated it.I really liked the very last scene where they showed kirk and picards ship while saying the famous "space..the final frontier" line. and last... TOS, i never really cared for the show. IMO the finales of TOS was The Undiscovered Country and Kirks death in Generations.

Matthias Russell

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I answered the question in pair form. Individually, alone to sell the show to an audience, I think "Where No Man Has Gone Before" is the most powerful.

Welcome back Jayden, you have been missed.


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Okay... no one particulaly likes "Turnabout Intruder" (myself included), so lets pretend I did this at the start.
Instead of "Turnabout Intruder" use "TUC".

1. All Good Things
2. The Undiscovered Country
3. What You Leave Behind
4. Endgame
5. These Are the Voyages
6. Counter-Clock Incident


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ENT: Broken Bow

VOY: Caretaker

DS9: Emmissary

TNG: Encounter At Farpoint

TOS: The Man Trap (like it or not, The Man Trap is technically the pilot, it's the first episode to be aired, therefore making it the pilot)


DS9: What You Leave Behind

VOY: Endgame

ENT: These Are The Voyages

TNG: All Good Things

TOS: Turnabout Intruder

Live Long and Prosper


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TNG on both.



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Pilot: Emissary
Finale: All Good Things

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