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what made you like Star Trek Voyager?


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I have loved this show since I was 9 years old, but I would like to know what made other like it. Anyone wanna share?


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The characters.

I took an immediate liking to all of them already in the first episode, something which seldom happens when I watch a series. OK, I did have some problems with The Doctor in the beginning because I found the idea of an holographic doctor a bit over the top. But that changed quickly.

I also liked the whole premise with a Starflet ship lost on the other side of the galaxy, not to mention a mixed Starfleet and Maquis crew on it. Being a fan of Starfleet characters, I've also had a soft spot for the Maquis since they first showed up.

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I really enjoyed Voyager. I love the characters and the stories they told. But for me what really makes Voyager stand out from all the other series is how much we learned about the Borg. Some people don't like Voyager because they did reveal so much about the Borg, which I can't really understand. It is a good show!

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I loved the show so much because they were out on their own - away from Starfleet, yet they tried their best to follow the Prime Directive.
They became a family.
They met new people, new places.
What fun!


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Voyager is my favorite series for many reasons:

1. The fact that they were stuck in the Delta Quadrant, far away from the Federation and Earth was an appealing idea to me. It was so different from the other series' that I instantly took a liking to it. Voyager's long journey home left the doors wide open for many interesting and amusing stories.

2. I loved all the characters in Voyager. Really, I can relate to every major character in one way or another. Neelix and Kes were the only two characters that I had even a small problem with, but that's because the two of them were annoying. That annoying isn't the kind of annoying that will tick you off, either. It's the kind where you almost find it amusing. My favorite characters overall were probably Captain Janeway, the Doctor, and Tom Paris.

3. Having a mixed crew was good as well. I felt that seeing the two crews blending together over the years was a fascinating story. Having Chakotay as First Officer was great, I just wish they did more with him.

4. Voyager was funnier than any of the other series'. I'm not really sure why, but I found that there were many more funny moments in Voyager than in say The Next Generation. The funny moments added an element of comedy that made the show much more interesting to watch. I didn't get bored on nearly as many episodes of Voyager.

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Because they're out all alone... on the edge of the final fronteir... forced to help each other and stick together... its them verse the entire Delta Quadrant...


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If I were to list all the reasons I like Voyager now, I'd create a long and rambling post (longer and more rambling, I should say), but initially, two things about the show appealed to me and kept me watching.

1. the similarity to TOS. I grew up on TOS, and I felt like Voyager had a comparable optimism, ethos, fun and comedic character dynamic, and a comparable embrace of episodic exploration. At the time I discovered Voyager, I was watching Enterprise, a series I've since learned to appreaciate on its own merits, but I immediately preferred Voyager because it was more like the Star Trek I already knew and loved. At the time I was new to the Trek franchise, apart from TOS. Now I've seen much of TNG and almost all of Enterprise, as well as all of Voyager, and I still feel like Voyager is the most like TOS in all the best ways.

2. I was immediately intrigued by two of the characters: the doctor and B'Elanna (they're still my two favorites). I saw a part of "Blink of an Eye," then I watched "Collective," then "Virtuoso," and after "Virtuoso," there was no turning back for me.

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The strong characters really grabbed me, along with their plight to get home.  Seeing all the new aliens from a different part of the galaxy was also exciting, not to mention more Borg.


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I loved the interactions of the characters. How they all started out hating each other, but by the end of the series (actually, they were close by the end of the 3rd season [scorpion pt1]) they were a family. It really brought home the spirit of Trek from TOS. I think the TNG was great, but by far my fav series was Voyager. I wish they would have made a movie of them getting home (instead of a 2 hour finale which didn't explain what happened AFTER they got to EARTH!). Just got under my skin.

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I enjoyed voyager because it brought back the basics of space traveel 'to explore strange new worlds' The crew had no knowledge of the dangers they faced however they adapted to the circumstances.

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1) The interactions of the characters, and how thay focused on a larger group of characters, as supposed to just focusing on the interactions of two or three, like in TOS

2) All the episodes, while the overall storyline may be different, focuses on their journey home, which gives it more of a "moving" storyline, as supposed to just having random stories with no central theme (again, like in TOS)

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Also, it's just a really good series...

There comes a time when the odds are against you and the only reasonable course of action is to quit... That's when you turn to Star Trek.


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For me I think it was the idea of how Federation/Starfleet technology would fare against technology found in the Delta Quadrant. And seeing how the show flourished for 7 seasons, I bet Genevieve Bujold is kickin herself in the arse...just wondering

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I really loved the design of the Intrepeid class star ship with the swing wing design . It really made me fall in love with the series.

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It was trek, so I watched. I never got attached to the characters because I don't think the writers tried to develop them much. The social issues which were brought up by the Doctor and later Seven were the best dramatic bits. As a whole, I don't think the series was even good until the 2 parter where the went to 20th century California.

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