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Which Klingon is your favorite? - 2.0

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Created by: Rusty.Shackleford


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I voted for Martok. I've really grown to enjoy the depth of his character in DS9.

For pure, ruthlessness and evil, I'd have to agree with wsitcherdawna...Lord Kruge was a total BAD@$$.



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OK so Grilka, Kahless and Alexander are done for.

Martok seems to be the favorite.

saw this just the other day ... who took Martok's eye? (pizza roll for the right answer)

thanks guys, i still think Gowron was the best Klingon, but maybe he is just a great actor.

would like to get more votes.

tell me more about what makes a good klingon character.

The Jem'Heddar leader at the Dominion Prison Camp, right?

Do I get a pizza roll?




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Kang would have been my choice but he wasn't listed, but beyond him Martok would have to be the best listed.

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