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Which Klingon is your favorite? - 2.0

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Created by: Rusty.Shackleford


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Okay, there was no question in my mind that I wanted to vote for B'Elanna, not just my favorite Klingon, but my favorite Star Trek character, period.

But Klingons are so cool, in my opinion, that here are a few subsidiary honors:

favorite TOS Klingon: Kor (he really gets the better of Kirk in their debate, in my favorite TOS episode and one of my favorites among all Trek episodes)

favorite movie Klingon: the obvious choice is General Chang, but honorable mentions go to Chancellor Gorkon ("You've never experienced Shakespeare until you've read him in the original Klingon."), Azetbur ("Inalien? If only you could hear yourselves. 'Human rights.' Why the very name is racist. The Federation is no more than a homo sapiens only club.") and the Klingon ambassador from Star Treks IV and VI.

favorite TNG Klingon: Kurn ("I shall try some of your burned replicated bird meat.")

And, while my favorite Voyager Klingon is obviously B'Elanna, an honorable mention goes to Korok from "Unimatrix Zero."

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Martok for me.

It's strange, being a catalyst for things that move outside.


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I voted for General Martok, because he is the most-Klingonlike Klingon whom I like. Worf is great, but he has been affected by his human foster-parents and his time in Starfleet.

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Still with gowron for the intense stare and how he dominated every scene he was in. I think you should have left the duras sisters in somehow, and kor.


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I got to admit I´m generally not too fond of the Klingons, but I do like K´Ehleyr. Now there´s a strong, commanding woman!

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Martok was a great klingon..He deserved to be emperor!

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I thought Martok cheated. Worf lawfully earned the throne and could have then reestablished his house.

K' Ehlyer and B' lanna were half human so I don't count them. Spock too. Disqualified! (And now to wait for the angry mob at my door)


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K´Ehleyr is one of my favourites... in Niagara Falls, Ontario there is a Kalar Road. Actors playing Gowron and Martok were good choices. Interaction between Klingons make good stories, and I hope a new series might have two regulars, and a few regular guests as Klingons.


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I voted for Martok.

Let there be pants.


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I think I would probably vote for General Chang - intelligent, sophisticated (a Shakespeare quoting Klingon?) but still undeniably Klingon; I thought he made an excellent foil for Kirk and the others.


Surprised not to see Commander Kruge on the list though - he has a special place in my heart for being the first Klingon villain I was ever introduced to as a kid.


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had to go with Kurn. The actor who played him did an excellent job. He was a true Klingon, he never waivered, ever. Awesome character


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Talk about a tough question. I like different Klingons for different reasons. I'd like to party with Kor and Kurn, fight along side Martok, talk politics with Gowron, then retire for the evening with Torres. Like I said, this is a tough question.


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Martok is a beast. He gets my vote. However, I also love Gowron, Worf and B'Elaana. Especially Gowron and B'Elaana. I like Martok 'coz he's all Klingonish. He didn't want to become Chancellor in "When it Rains..." which makes him a great leader in the eyes of Kahless the Unforgettable. I like Gowron 'coz he's quite weird, I like it in "Way of the Warrior" when he invites Worf to his ship and says 'youve made some enemies in the empire todya, but i assure you - i am not one of them!' then he laughs like a retard. That scene makes Gowron for me. I like B'Elaana because she is fighting her Klingon-side and is quite ashamed of it, her relationship with Tom Paris was great. And Worf is just beast.


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Christopher Lloyd as Kruge was good too.....


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Worf is awesome in both TNG and DS9.

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