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The Next Generation, Voyager, Enterprise, or Deep Space Nine?

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Created by: Ensign101


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i like enterprise the best

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No brainer. After ST:TOS comes ST:TNG.

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Here is my preferred order:

2 Voyager & Enterprise
5 DS9

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it's kind of hard these days (that's what she said), Enterprise has the potential to be the best out of all of them if it doesn't get over saturated. I picked DS9 simply because the Cardassians are awesome


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Voyager gave us a glimpse of what would await Starfleet if/when they are ready to go to the Delta Quadrant

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Voyager does it for me. I like the way almost all the characters had some kind of challenge to overcome during the course of the show, and that they did eventually overcome it.

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Depend how I am feeling. I love Enterprise special MACO. I wish see them DS9,TNG and TOS as will.


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i like tos the best because it was fun. remastered makes it perfect. set the tone for all the other series to follow. you have a super macho suave captain that everybody would love to be, a super "awesome" firt officer that can drop people on the hat with a pinch, a doctor that is so witty, a chief engineer that drinks people under the table, a swash buckling helmsman, beatiful comm officer, and a dorky funny russian navigaor.

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TNG is the best by far. Janeway, Sisko, and Archer just don't straighten their jacket like Picard.


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I have to remove TOS from this equation. It was my first favorite TV show, and some of my earliest childhood memories are of watching it on TV, I was like 5yrs old! It's just always going to be at the top of my list, for sentimental reasons. Here goes with the rest:

1- DS9, it offered a different perspective on the federation, starfleet and the ST universe.

2- TNG, a very close second, marking the return of ST to the small screen

3- ENT, came late to this one, just finished watching the entire series in less than 4 weeks.

4- TAS, not only is basically the 4th season of TOS, it's classic 70's Saturday morning!

5- VOY, just could not get into this for some reason. Liked Janeway and Tuvok, but found everyone else a bit annoying.

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#1 Ds-9, TOS #2:TNG #3:ENT #4:Voy In that order.

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Aren't there LITERALLY 2 or 3 other active threads on this same topic right now?

1. TOS
2. DS9
3. TNG
4. ENT
5. VOY



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i have no preference of one series over the other.

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TNG was pretty good once it hit its stride midway through season three, but DS9 just did it for me from the start.

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DEFINITELY TNG. Don't get me wrong, I love EVERY Star Trek series, but TNG will always be my favorite.

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