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Ezri Dax: Hot or not?

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Created by: Dendodge


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Quote: Dendodge @ Feb. 26 2011, 12:32 pm


>Harmless?  You tied me up in your basement, blindfolded me, and attacked me with a knife!

>Anyway, this has gone off-topic.  We're supposed to be talking aboout how incredibly hot Ezri is.

Fiirst you hooked up with me in the supply closet and said it was a mistake, then you post a pic of yourself at 14 and tell me not to comment on if I find you attractive, THEN you lie about me attacking you with a knife.


You are an EVIL child!


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When asked to espouse
Ezri's alleged "hotness,"
it's easy to go off-topic.
This isn't Creative Writing Class ...


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Whew! what a bad picture. 

I personally have always like Jadzia better. 

"Can you detect midi - chlorians with a tricorder?"


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Yes, that's a bad picture.  You can find bad pictures of anyone if you look hard enough.  It's not fair to judge her by it.


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Not. Definitely not hot, but has a "Maryann" kind of attractiveness to her.  Some of us just prefer Ginger.


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I voted Hot, she has such a cuteness about her seems like the character and the actual person playing her would be pretty nice and cool to be with.

Are you sure it isn't time for a colorful metaphor?


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Quote: /view_profile/ @


>jadzia dax is better she should not have been killed off they could have written her out of the show in a better way and not replace her with a plain jane sub par actress with boyish looks. killing off jadzia dax was is a bigger disgrace than killing off captain kirk cold hard fact.



Can't say I disagree with this.

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