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Which is your favourite Enterprise?


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Which class of Enterprise is your favourite? For me I have always liked the refit Constitution class Enterprise from the original movies. I just think it looks really elegant in its proportions. Comparing the Constitution class to the Galaxy Class Enterprise I always thought the Enterprise D looked a little awkward and bulky. Of course when The Next Generation gave us the sovereign class star ship I was stunned as it appears that they have used styling cues from the Constitution Class. So at that my favourite Enterprise was the Sovereign Class Star Ship. This stayed the same for a long time until 2009 when we were given the alternate reality Constitution class Enterprise. For me that Enterprise is Fantastic, a brilliant modernisation of the original Constitution Class Star Ship. So for now my favourite is the alternate reality Constitution Class Enterprise...for now.



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I was with you up until the point about the NCC 1701 Refit/NCC 1701-A. The most beautiful of any of Starfleet's ships. I liked the original series version too, however, I hate what they did with this is the 2009 film - a great example of how to take a great design and make it into something extremely ugly!

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My fave ENT is the one in a basic pre-cursor to what the starships become (TNG, VGR, etc) I think this one is more accurate...the original ENT (forgive me) had to many buttons and push knobs...looks more like a model kit in comparison to what they can do today.

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The Constitution refit ca. TWOK is definitely my favorite.  Runners up are the Enterprise E and 2009 Enterprise.

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I can't force myself to be attracted to the NX. I always liked the Connie refit, only respecting the original for its functionality and pivotalness. I don't see how people find the Connie to be so hot compared to the E though. The Sovereign is the hottest design ever. But then i like the Ambassador more than the Galaxy and i know that is weird.


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Nothing compares to the beauty and design of the refit-Constitution Class featured in Star Trek TMP (and beyond). That design personifies the next era of starships.

It is absolutely my favorite starship from ANY sci-fi franchise, Star Trek or otherwise.



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The classic series Constitution class and the refit from the first six movies were the best, the ship from the last one was a bastardisation of the refit and was hugely dissapointing.

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NCC 1701-D (:

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I like the refit Enterprise/E-A Its the ship I grew up on.

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Rank order:

1. Enterprise refit / Enterprise-A Constitution-class

2. Sovereign-class

3. Constitution-class original

4. Galaxy-class

5. Ambassador-class

6. 2009 alternate Constitution-class 

7. Excelsior-class

8. NX-01



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The NCC 1701A Very smart


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original constitution class TOS
Refit constitution class movies
2009 Constitution class
Sovereign Class
Excelsior Class
Galaxy Class
Ambassador Class

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The refitted Excelsior class Enterprise B. Big fan of that design, though I have no complaints about the others.
...well maybe the C...


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My favorite is in ST The motion picture.

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