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Taking a break from Star Trek


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Have you ever felt that given how much Star Trek is out there(5 tv shows,11 movies,countless games,books,merchandise (etc)) that you felt you needed a good long break from it? The franchise itself took a break between the end of Enterprise and the release of the reboot movie which i believe was thebest thing for the franchise at the time.

I have watched Trek for most of my life(im in my thirties) and decided a few years ago that i needed a break from the franchise.I watched no Trek tv shows or movies,and didnt read any novels or play any games.I guess i felt that i had grown tired of the show and movied onto other things.

With the release of Star Trek'09 my interest in Trek was ignited again.Rarely does a day go by when i dont watch an episode from one of the tv shows.I have bought a lot of Trek soundtrack cds lately and cant wait for the next movie.

What about the rest of you? Ever felt like you needed a break from the franchise?

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Not yet.

Closest I've ever come is maybe feeling like watching a movie instead of a Star Trek episode at a time during the day... and then watching a Star Trek episode immediately after.

And to be honest while I'm watching that movie I'm usually also writing fanfic or something at the same time.


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well no i've never gotten tired of trek. I do find that it's more fun to watch star trek and play star trek games than it is to read star trek novels. Star Trek comics are also good supplement to the trek verse.

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short breaks for me...

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No break for me.


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I've been watching for years never stopped, still watching it, every series and movie execpt for Trek 5 and 11 which I think are horrible.


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No. Space exploration is our next great adventure, our next "frontier." I got tired of watching other franchises (whom I won't mention, but you can probably guess some of them), but never Star Trek.
The one non-Trek show I liked was Stargate: Atlantis. But, I think that was cancelled long ago.

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I understand the need to take
a break from it. There is a LOT
of repetition in this franchise,
anyway. Alot of suckage, as well.

Outside my beloved TNG, of course!

Besides, we need something far more
substantial than one brand of
entertainment in our lives. Gotta
mix it up. It's sure to be there
when we "get back."


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During it's initial run I would often grow bored with TNG and stay with TOS and TAS but since then I've never tired of DS9, VOY or ENT. As others have said, it's a matter of balance.

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While I have had lulls in my extreme Trek-enthusiasm, I have yet to grow completely tired of it... but then, I have only been a fan for about five years, I have a whole lifetime ahead of me to grow bored... LOL.


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during the second season of voyager I stopped watching completely till the last half of the 7th so for about 5 years. Also happened to be some of the worst years of my life. Not sure if the no trek was a cause or a symptom or just a coincidence.

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I've taken periodic breaks for various reasons.  I'm quite OCD in some ways.  Sometimes my frenetic brain draws me in another direction, and I disappear for a good long while.  Other times I take a self-imposed break to keep things fresh.

I always come back in the end, though.


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I don't watch them all. I probably have done at some point or other. There are some versions I never want to see again and some I'm happy to rewatch. I have no intention of ever watching any of Voyager or DS9 again ... once was quite enough wading through those tiresome, sterile, bland concoctions. I regularly watch TNG which had some superlative shows. I intend to rewatch both TOS (when I get the BluRay sets) and TAS again soon and of course am enjoying checking out ST:Ent in more depth and detail than I did first time around (not having seen all the episodes before).

I have also been rewatching that great 1960s series The Invaders again recently. This was brilliantly understated sci-fi/thriller show, and I really recommend it to any younger posters here who haven't seen or heard of it. Both seasons are available as DVD sets.

As Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea is finally due for Region 2 release in a couple of months I will be stepping aside from Trek to rediscover another great love of my childhood TV viewing

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Just the MB's. No! The episodes are always a positive boost for me.

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Quote: jamesspock1 @ Jan. 08 2011, 8:12 pm

I've been watching for years never stopped, still watching it, every series and movie execpt for Trek 5 and 11 which I think are horrible.

No opportunity goes unwasted to say something negative, eh jamesspock?

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